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Build curriculum for your online course

How to create a good curriculum for your online course or educational program.

Building courses and educational programs are something I did for a brief amount of time. However, the knowledge I gained stuck with me for a long time. I've built several courses for an acceleration program Today I want to share with you how to create a good educational program for your course, community, or anything. Course topic The usual advice for starting courses is to understand your audience. In this article, I want to clash with that opinion. I think that courses and educational programs are those rare exceptions to the rule, where you don't need to think about your audience first. Sounds crazy for the community-first folks and product managers I know, but hear me out. When it comes to creating an educational program or online course. It's important for you as a creator an

Anna Grigoryan

Feb 27 2021

4 min read

Event-first community: How and Why

Communities gathered around event series

Let's talk about event series, webinars, event management, and how you can organize a community around it. As Danielle put in her issue "Create an instant community" COVID made online gatherings increasingly popular. As you already have people committed to gathering for a specific amount of time it's only natural to create a community around them. However, not all events are in a need of the community. We all have that slack workspace that was created for the specific conference 3 months ago and now is dead, or filled in with links to "upvote" or "give our new product a try". In the article I will focus on: - What kind of communities can be created around events, - Examples of the event-first communities, - What mediums can benefit event-first communities, - How to select a tech sta

Anna Grigoryan

Feb 25 2021

6 min read

Community Engagement

What's community engagement, and why everyone want it.

I talked to a lot of community managers recently and asked them a question "what's your main problem?" Almost each one of them answered: engagement. In this article, I'll explore the enigma of community engagement. Why everyone wants more of it? What's the way you can improve it? Is there a way to measure the engagement? What's engagement anyways? I think that as community managers we assume that our community should be this vibrant, buzzy place, where people spend a lot of time and they share their resources, communicate and come back every single day. And we get very discouraged when that's not the case. Communities are different and niches are different. Each community and niche operates on it's rhythm. It's very normal if people are communicating inside your community weekly or o

Anna Grigoryan

Feb 18 2021

4 min read