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In pursuit of productivity...

For some of us, the desire to get more done in less time seems eternal. It is almost as if we are in a race against ourselves. We may enjoy these sprints, but to win the marathon we also need to pace ourselves, rest, and recharge. By being more productive we can carve out time for self-care. Mindkyte has some very useful tips from Prince Gupta on how to be more efficient. I am sure you will find a gem or two that can help you! The biggest favor you can do to yourself is to take some less important things off your to-do list. Prioritize 2-3 things daily and apply the following tactics. 1) Learn the skill of timeboxing 2) Apply the skill of automating 3) Use Lastpass Just for fun! Here is a link to a free HGTV Dream Home draw for US residents (eligibility at bottom of this page). Add

Primal Dhillon

Jan 31 2021

2 min read

Little Jumpstarts

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Every day, life has the potential to become better than the day before. I remind myself this as the new year begins, that there are ways in our control to improve our daily lives and the lives of others. Three thoughts based on last year: Happiness Dwells in the Soul In our day to day lives, we can choose to have an optimistic outlook based on what we have and the liveliness of our imagination, or we can be a disgruntled mass of protoplasm that is inherently grouchy looking at things we don't have, and things that make us upset. Of course, in sad and tragic circumstances, we all need to have compassion for ourselves and allow ourselves and give ourselves the time and emotional strength needed to heal. Much of 2020 has been devastating, and feelings of grief, despair, anxiety are all re

Primal Dhillon

Jan 03 2021

3 min read