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The Love-Hate Relationship I Have With Bad Content

An ode to the contents at the bottom of the barrel

I have bad taste in movies. I'm not going to try to pass it off as eccentric™ or quirky™. I enjoy excavating the shameful horrors of Rotten Tomatoes. I am the 2 Bad 2 Curious they warned you about. Every single person involved in creating a terrible movie – the screenwriters, the director, the actors, the cinematographers, the editors, the post-production crew and the marketing team – has to slap lipstick on this horrendous, shapeless, (beautiful?), thing and ship it. Imagine the cringe of every single person touching the work, trying to understand why nobody else in the pipeline before them tried to do something and wondering which form of nepotism (or any other ism) allowed such a thing to happen. They're stuck trying to see what can they do best; so that the person(s) downstream aren

Piyali Mukherjee

Mar 06 2021

4 min read

How To Write Online (Part 1)

There's no defense for good writing

Everything you’ve thought about writing online is wrong and number five will shock you Here’s how to write online:  1. There is no standard use for punctuation  Symbols don’t make sounds in your head when you read them. Add them for purely aesthetic reasons. Remember, everything that you read is being heard in your brain. What does “?????” sound like? Go on. Start a podcast and show me. It might even be one of the few original podcast ideas left.  2. You’re probably not adding enough words  There’s no point to deleting anything that you’ve already put on paper. Think of the Mesopotamian artisans, the first people who carved on stone. These artists had no erasers. In that vein, stop fat-shaming your paragraphs. Stop using paragraphs entirely. Use lists, headers, sentences, sub-lists, sub

Piyali Mukherjee

Feb 23 2021

3 min read

Why Be in a Love Triangle When You Could Be in an Enemy Triangle

Vengeance is rightfully fun.

Today, I will demonstrate how the enemy triangle is superior to the love triangle, which, upon closer inspection isn’t even a triangle at all.   Love triangles are a fanciful notion. They spawn from juvenile fantasies that more than one person has the energy to pursue you at any given time. Twitter postEnemy triangles are a concept I'm borrowing from Billions and Blood of Zeus. Like the classic Mexican stand-off, they form a robust infrastructure of formidable opponents. This trifecta of power-hungry achievers makes great television, legends and oligarchies.   The Shape We start with semantics. A triangle is “three points connected to each other by three straight lines.” Per this definition, I would describe a love-triangle as a a polyamorous pod of three people who love each other.   T

Piyali Mukherjee

Feb 06 2021

5 min read