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Reboot is an event series and newsletter that convenes book-lovers, writers, and technologists to imagine the future of tech, humanity, and power. We believe that technology must be analyzed in context with the institutions and ideologies it was borne from.

⚡ New Event: Black Software

Professor Charlton McIlwain's new history of race and the Internet

I think there's always something auspicious about the first book of the year. For me, it was Dark Matters: On The Surveillance of Blackness by Simone Browne, a critical-theoretical exploration that traces the modern surveillance state to the policies and tools once used to monitor and control slaves. It's a dense, jargon-y read, but worth the effort: chock full of references to other authors, media, and even radical art pieces that will change the way you understand surveillance. So I hope that's how 2021 will go. History-burdened, certainly not easy, but ripe with potential if we're willing to do the work. (P.S. Please take 1 minute to fill out our 3-question feedback form. Only 1.5% of our subscribers did so far, so it means a lot to hear what you think.) Last summer, social medi

Jasmine Sun

Jan 05 2021

5 min read

⚡ Reboot Needs Your Help

Thank you + our plans for 2021

As the year wraps up, I’m really proud of what the Reboot team has accomplished in a few short months. We’ve hosted thirteen author events, published four reviews, edited/featured four guest essays, and hosted two writing workshops. In many ways, Reboot has been my rock for 2020—one of my only through-lines since the pandemic started in March. It’s been a way to get and stay connected with some wonderful people, to keep learning and reading and writing, and to feel optimistic that the next generation of thinkers and technologists is ready to build a better world. I hope that you’ve gotten something out of this project too. In 2021, we want to keep doing what we’re doing, but better and more: host two events a month, publish great original writing, and expand the community. We plan to impro

Jasmine Sun

Dec 28 2020

2 min read

⚡ Three Things Your CS Degree Won't Teach You

What industry influence means for the CS classroom

I'm excited to share a guest essay from my dear friend Jessica Dai, who cofounded Reboot with me back in March. She's been on hiatus from the project for the last few months, instead embarking on far more productive ventures like improving model transparency at Arthur or presenting a paper on "Fairness Under Partial Compliance" to the Women in Machine Learning workshop at NeurIPS. Jessica also wrote a feature piece, "The Paradox of Socially Responsible Computing," on the limits and potential of teaching tech ethics—insights she gained from leading Brown University's Socially Responsible Computing program from 2019-2020. I highly recommend you read that first. It's incredibly illuminating, and it sets the stage for this deeper interrogation into the systemic factors (read: technology capita

Jasmine Sun

Dec 22 2020

9 min read