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Reaching Up To God pt. 2

Kings Of The Earth

In Ancient Egypt, Rome, and many other places. The king was considered to be more than just a man or even just an important man. He was seen as divine.  And because he was divine, he was the only one, besides the priests, that could ascend the pyramidal "mountains" I talked about last week to meet with that civilization's "gods". And they were often worshiped as "gods" themselves. Considered by the people to be at the bottom of the pantheon of "gods" and designated as their representatives on earth. In some cases, they were considered the "god's sons" for that reason. In the bible, the word "gods" has a couple of meanings. It can refer to evil spiritual beings but it can also refer to human kings.  Psalm 82 is where it may be referring to both.  > God has taken His place in the divi

Jordan Blackwood

Apr 02 2021

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Reaching Up To God Pt. 1


In my hometown of Tallahassee, there's a place called the Lake Jackson Mounds that I've enjoyed visiting since I was a kid. We don't have mountains here but climbing to the top of these mounds and looking out over the landscape is still fun! It was the place where the Apalachee Indians would bury their dead along with "artifacts" to accompany them to the afterlife. It's almost like having pyramids in my backyard! This park is just one location of many across the South and other parts of the U.S. where extinct Native American tribes carried out this practice. Archeologists aren't exactly sure what the purpose of it was. Some mounds had family homes at the top, others had the homes of the chiefs or other nobility and others had "temples" where religious rituals were performed. One thing

Jordan Blackwood

Mar 26 2021

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Can someone feel "black" without being "black"?

My thoughts on Chris Cuomo's joke.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under a lot of criticism lately regarding his sex scandals His brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, is in the hot seat as well this week. During a discussion with Don Lemon. We all know who he is. Chris broke out into a rendition of the theme song from the 70s sitcom "Good Times". Don Lemon asked him how he knew the words to the song.  Cuomo responded by saying: "You know I'm black on the inside!" This set off a firestorm on social media. Some considered it to be cultural appropriation. To people like Aisha Staggers, it was an infringement on the "black" identity to claim "blackness" when he hadn't experienced "racism". While I think this is an overreaction, it did bring up a couple of questions that I've reflected on many times growing up: 1. What does it

Jordan Blackwood

Mar 12 2021

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