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Where do narratives (really) come from?

How coastal elites try to control you.

It's no secret. Our country seems to be more divided than ever and a lot of people, including myself at times, are concerned about a second civil war happening in the future. A came across a video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago that explored what could happen in great detail if the divide between Democrats and Republicans escalated into a civil war. I noticed that the largest concentration of Democrats was in a few places: 1. New York and the New England states  2. A "belt" across the deep south 3. The coast of California 4. The coast of Washington and Oregon 5. The area surrounding Chicago and Detroit 6. Parts of Colorado and New Mexico 7. In Florida: Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and around Tallahassee For the Republicans: 1. Parts of the midwest and west 2. Much of Texas 3.

Jordan Blackwood

Mar 05 2021

3 min read

Who Is The Enemy Here?

Are whites always the bad guys? The left wants you to think so.

I've written before about how it seems like we are being bombarded on every side by the media about what to be angry at and what to celebrate. Racism is a never-ending conversation in this country. As such, Critical Race Theory and reparations have come to the forefront in the media again. The more it's debated on, the more complicated it seems to get. I've noticed in the advent of Biden's presidency that politicians and the media have tried to pinpoint virtually every problem in society to one thing. White supremacy. It's in your face all the time from virtually every source that ascribes to leftist values.  It reminds me a lot of how the Nazis in Germany attributed every problem to the Jews in the 1930s before rounding them up into ghettos and eventually attempting to exterminate th

Jordan Blackwood

Feb 26 2021

4 min read

Drop on Letterdrop!

An update on the move from substack and future plans

Alrighty, folks! I have officially made the shift from Substack to letterdrop.co! You can still visit Substack if you would like, as I haven't moved every single post over, just the ones that I thought would be most relevant to you and the newsletter now and in the future. I got a custom domain for The Freeman Wire and built a "home" at freemanwire.com that I plan to build out as we grow. Before I forget, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me in this crazy endeavor so far. It means a lot to me! I've got a referral program pinned on the roadmap. I'm considering a private group in the future as well.  I encourage you to check out the posts at newsletter.freemanwire.com. There are some neat features such as dark mode, so your reading experience is easier on the eyes. If y

Jordan Blackwood

Nov 06 2020

2 min read