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The Weekly Upgrade

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Don't wait for tomorrow.

Happy Monday! It's the last one this year. And what a year it's been. If you're eagerly waiting for 2020 to end, I don't blame you, but I urge you to reconsider. 2020 might have been rough, but there's no reason why 2021 will be any different. Instead of waiting for the world to change, it's a better idea to make changes in your world. Don't wait till tomorrow > No explanation needed. You know what to do. Something from the Internet How Complex Systems Fail by Richard Cook. If you're fascinated with Complex Systems like I am, this is a piece you cannot miss. Project X As some of you know, I recently launched pre-orders for my latest product: Project X It's a tool that will help you structure your days so that they align with your long-term vision

Upgrade Tribe

Dec 28 2020

2 min read

Maximizing the next decade of your life

Presenting Project X

Happy Monday! Christmas is almost here, although it'll be a strange one this year. Don't forget to take time to spend time with your family, even if it means you have to do it virtually. Make the next decade better than the last. Think back to 2010.  You were a different person then. So much has happened since. A lot has gone right, and even more has gone wrong. Ups and downs have been the norm. It's easy to examine a difficult past and assume that the future will be different. I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Shit will happen. Things won't go according to plan. Most likely, the next 10 years will be as rough as the last. It is important to stay focused on the bigger picture, to know where we want to go, to know why we want to go there, and to reflect on whether our a

Upgrade Tribe

Dec 21 2020

2 min read

Get a head start.

17 days to go. Make the most of them.

Happy Monday! 2020 has 17 days to go. If you've started thinking about your resolutions for 2021, good job. However, if you're waiting till January 1st to start, I urge you to reconsider. Why wait? Get yourself a head start. Plan. Execute. Repeat. > Most of us love planning more than we love execution. > > But everybody can plan. Execution is rare. > > Imagine where you'd be if you spent 10X the amount of time executing as you > did planning. > > The next time you make a plan, set a deadline to execute it. > > Then review your progress, and repeat the process. A Gem from the Internet Travel is no cure for the mind by Lawrence Yeo What a read. More to That is one of my favourite blogs at the moment. Lawrence Yeo tackles complex problems in the most admirable w

Upgrade Tribe

Dec 14 2020

2 min read