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So you want to run a paid newsletter?

How to become a paid newsletter expert, grow your readership and revenue

Your newsletter can be a source of a reasonable steady income. Paid newsletters provide a channel for you to share your expertise and make money. Especially relevant during a global pandemic when people are stuck at home with time on their hands or have lost jobs. But more importantly, this could actually be step one to building your very own media business.  In this post, we’ll cover the best practices for generating revenue through your writing. By following this framework and creating value for your readers, you’ll be on your way to creating your newsletter business.  Paid newsletter best practices Paid newsletters are popular because they create a sense of exclusive community among their readers. Readers are willing to pay for information that is not easily searchable. They are al

Parthi Loganathan

Jan 13 2021

9 min read

Adapt your writing to the medium

Optimize posting on social media to drive traffic to your blog and newsletter

Understand the mindset of someone scrolling through a feed Great content is only the first step in building an audience. You need to sell it. One way to get distribution is through social media, but simply posting a link to your blog isn't effective. Think about what captures your attention when you're scrolling through your Twitter feed or Instagram stories. Your thumb comes off the screen and you take a second to actually pay attention. This is the reaction you're trying to elicit. Learn to adapt your writing to perform well on the channel you're sharing it on. A screenshot essay like this works well on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. How do I get my post read on Twitter? Your goal is to convince a person scrolling through their feed that your post is worth reading and your newsle

Parthi Loganathan

Jan 04 2021

2 min read

The Actual Best Time to Send a Newsletter

Learning the best time to send a newsletter can improve your open rate

The ultimate question: When to send a newsletter? 2020 saw the rise of newsletters. Creative ideas don’t always fit into 240 characters, tap-through captions, and awkward high-school-friend updates. Which is probably why you’re writing a newsletter. With people subscribing to more newsletters, your emails might get lost in inboxes. One culprit that’s hiding your newsletter is your email provider’s Promotions filter. Another culprit is that newsletter writers publish at the same specific times. This leads to inboxes being inundated with emails at certain hours. You don't want your newsletter going stale in your readers’ inbox. So how do you ensure your newsletter is seen? Do you send them at midnight, early in the morning, every full moon, 29th of February, weekends, or another time?  I

Parthi Loganathan

Dec 29 2020

6 min read