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Content Operations
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July 18, 2023

How to Create More Content Faster with Letterdrop

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop

Forgive me for stating the obvious for a sec: staying competitive in the fast-paced B2B content marketing world is tough. SERPs are flooded with content, there are AI engines that can spit out low-brow articles in a couple of seconds, and you're sometimes competing with Content Marketers with teams twice the size of yours.

You're expected to push out better content faster... and sometimes, it can look like an uphill climb.

We talk to thousands of Content Marketers at Letterdrop. Whether they come from a team of five or a team of ten, many, like you, wish they could produce more content faster. And there is a way.

I'm a one-woman content team at Letterdrop at the moment. I'm actually an end-user of our software, which streamlines and automates the entire content marketing process from ideation to distribution.

Here's how I use Letterdrop every day to help me push out more content faster.

Recycling Posts

Sometimes I like to recycle oldies but goodies from the company and team LinkedIn pages.

Letterdrop has a nifty "Recycle" feature in the Idea Generator that lets me spot recyclable posts, saving me the effort of having to look for them manually. I can then get the re-post out faster.

I can recycle high-performing LinkedIn posts quickly using the Recycle feature

The Frameworks Tool

This AI-powered tool can help me generate a whole piece of content in roughly forty-two minutes.

I just type / and can generate introductions, conclusions, and individual sections. All I have to do is fill in a form with prompts.

Of course, as with most AI-generated stuff, I do lots of editing and reshaping to stay on-topic and original. Sometimes I only generate one or two sections and write the rest myself.

Even if the AI doesn't always generate a full-blown masterpiece, it gives me a pretty good basis to work from and cuts down on hours of writing.

The Video-to-Text Feature

Only a couple of weeks before writing this post, I was trying to search for a free transcript-generating tool online. I was pressed for time and wanted to do a quick read-through of an hour-long sales call transcript.

Long story short, I had to watch the video in full and take manual notes, which made me late for a meeting.

You can imagine how pleased I was when Letterdrop added a video-to-text feature in the next software update. All I have to do is paste the video and generate a summary when prompted.

This is handy if you, like me, need a transcript ASAP — or if you plan to repurpose one of your company videos into a blog post.

Blog to Social Generation

Even though Letterdrop lets me distribute socials from the publishing page, writing socials for the company account and for my team members can still take up valuable time.

The AI generates a draft of social posts that I use as a jumping-off point, which saves me a couple of minutes per post — and that adds up in the long run.

As you can see from the video, I can make sure that Letterdrop practices employee advocacy by automating likes from team members' accounts. It saves me from begging coworkers to engage with company posts, which is a huge time-saver.

As with the AI-generated frameworks, I edit most of what the AI spits out for socials myself. But once again, it provides a skeleton for me to work from and can even spark ideas.

Turning YouTube and Web Page Links into Social Drafts

If I ever need to repurpose a company YouTube video or blog post into socials, it takes me a total of 20 seconds.

A section on the publishing page lets you paste a link from a web page or YouTube video and generate a draft for a social post.

So far, the outputs have been really good and I haven't needed to edit them much. It gives a solid jumping-off point.

Automatic SEO Improvements

SEO checks are crucial for any content piece — I get this part done much faster, thanks to some heavy lifting by the AI.

The SEO Optimizer Tool can automate missed opportunities for internal links, auto-generate both Feature Snippets and an FAQ section, and auto-add things like alt-text.

The Compare Tool, which shows me how my content compares to top pages on Google, also allows me to automate top terms from the SERP. (We have a whole article on Letterdrop's SEO capabilities if you're interested.)

Letterdrop Accelerates My Day-To-Day

Letterdrop's automation and AI features are beyond helpful for a one-person content team like mine.

And I haven't even covered everything else the software does beyond the scope of writing. It integrates with dozens of tools, replaces just as many, pulls keyword data from Semrush, and has excellent project management tools. Any content marketing team can benefit from how it brings all your content ops under one roof.

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