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A patient’s journey to discover your medical practice

Why your medical practice needs a blog

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Parthi Loganathan

Aug 29 2021

3 mins read

To demonstrate how starting a blog and creating content regularly can benefit your practice, we conducted an experiment where we walked through the patient journey of discovering a doctor through Google. For every search query, we found successful practices attracting thousands of new patients through content.

A patient typically searches for symptoms along with their general location to begin looking for a doctor.


Here’s an example of a patient searching for help with their back pain in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Immediately, they see ads from medical practices using paid advertising to attract patients. These are interesting, but they continue scrolling down looking for the top site that’s not an ad.


By creating high-quality content focused on the right keywords like “back pain”, you can appear near the top of Google’s search results page without having to spend on ads.

We see the first organic result that’s not an ad is from, the website of a rheumatology and internal medicine practice. 



Clicking on the search result in Google, we land on a blog post from their practice on lower back pain. It’s an informative article that answers some questions we had around back pain.

Exploring the rest of their site, we see that it’s well organized with a lot of recently published content. As a patient, we trust this practice more now since they’ve already helped us and demonstrated their expertise through their blog.


To understand just how effective content is for this practice’s site, we analyzed it and discovered that this website and blog were driving significant traffic to this practice - nearly 6,000 visitors every month!


You can see some of the top blog posts and how many visitors they’re receiving on a monthly basis. For example, the top blog post, “Five Most Common Autoimmune Diseases” gets 1,460 visits/month. We don’t know how many of the people who read that blog went on to become patients, but you can be certain that Dr. Baker’s practice was top of mind for them as they sought medical attention.


We also see that their practice appears in the top position for many relevant search queries like “lupus of nose” and “what are the most common autoimmune diseases”.


Similarly, if we go back to the Google search results page after our initial foray, we find other practices with rich blogs on related topics.



Now that a patient has read a couple of answers around their back pain-related questions, they might be inclined to learn more about the practices they visited, so they’d explore their sites and maybe even schedule a first visit.

We just saw a great example of how you can use content to attract new patients. If you want to learn more, read our in-depth piece on why you should start a blog and newsletter for your practice.

And if you need help setting up a blog, newsletter, and effective content marketing process, contact us for a demo.

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