How to Become a Finance Writer

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Brendan Shih

Jun 25 2021

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Finance Writer Skills

Ironically, while greater financial experiences often set you apart from other finance writers, your job is to simplify complex financial concepts to a general audience.

Rather than hashing out esoteric finance jargon, you'll be most successful for your ability to communicate dense financial information simply. As a result, publications and firms often value prior writing experience.

Whether that be a college degree in digital media or prior experience in financial journalism, most finance writers have an established background in writing or media.

Although less common, in-depth financial knowledge will further boost your hiring opportunities as a finance writer. Whether it be a Masters's in Economics or previous experience as a buy-side analyst, you are better positioned than the average finance writer because of greater security industry connections and technical knowledge.

More Finance Writing Opportunities

Finance Content Marketing

As a finance writer, your skillset is also directly translatable to finance content marketing.

Many finance businesses are looking for individuals that can write effective and informative blogs about financial topics, which target specific queries to drive marketing leads.

Your writing skill is already highly desirable, and branching into this field would only require basic knowledge of social media and email marketing, but open up many more hiring opportunities.

Finance and Investment Newsletter

If you are already a finance writer, starting an investment newsletter is easy and highly lucrative.

Done right, you can earn $1M/yr passive revenue, with just a few paragraphs of your financial knowledge every week or month.

Eventually, you can even scale into an investment newsletter business like the Morning Brew, which makes $40M/yr from advertising.

If you want a free newsletter service right now, we'd like to introduce ourselves. Letterdrop will get your first post out in less than 5 minutes and is the only newsletter service with finance-specific features.

Bring live stock quotes to your writing, Seeking Alpha style. Just mention a stock with its exchange like NASDAQ:AAPL once and your readers will see live stock quotes when they hover over it. You can just mention AAPL any time in your post after the first time.


Embed live charts with financial data to tell better stories with data.

Charge for your analysis by paywalling your content.


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