How to Start An Investment Newsletter?

A path to monetizing your market knowledge and unlocking opportunities

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Brendan Shih

Jun 09 2021

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Why Start An Investment Newsletter?

Done right, you can earn $1M/yr passive revenue, with just a few paragraphs of your financial knowledge every week or month.

Investment newsletters are highly lucrative, but cost little to start and maintain. Eventually, you could even scale into a full newsletter business like the Morning Brew, which makes $40M/yr from advertising.

For some perspective, an investment newsletter business often targets investors, meaning that your content may inform hundred million dollar investments; your readers will be especially heavy-handed with the cash they give you.

Moreover, starting an investment newsletter is great for investors with a medium or long-term horizon. Your newsletter will build your reputation as a buy-side analyst.

Investment newsletters are also a great way to access careers in top funds or even raise your own investment funds.

What should I write about in my investing newsletter?

Whether it be Bitcoin or biotech, you should leverage the types of investments you are most familiar with.

"Everybody's got a different circle of competence. The important thing is not how big the circle is. The important thing is staying inside the circle."
- Warren Buffet

Finance newsletters that are able to tap into personal niches often generate the most outsized returns, since they frequently acquire the most valuable insights and targeted audience.

The more unique your investment thesis, the less competition you have. If there are already 10 famous Bitcoin experts running successful finance newsletters, few readers may want another Bitcoin newsletter.

To showcase your distinctive investment strategy, you can share your portfolio to increase reader engagement. A temporary, patchwork solution could be starting a Public account alongside your newsletter.

Or, for a real finance newsletter integration, you can use Letterdrop to share your portfolio and plug rich embeds of market movements that inform your decisions.

Furthermore, instead of unique content, you can also differentiate with style. Morning Brew and Execsum are finance newsletters that excel because of their casual tone, improving accessibility to general readers.

Leveraging Your Background

Whether you're a CFA or someone with a unique financial background, be sure to communicate your experiences upfront. This way, your audience knows what makes you more unique or credible than everyone else. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and make your experiences known.

Complying With Legal Regulation

If you're unlicensed, it's good practice to establish that you are not giving financial advice.

Although laws will vary by state and country (some regions don't even regulate this), countries like the United States generally require licenses to give financial advice. This is why many of the Twitter accounts and finance newsletters you read have disclaimers like the one shown below.


There are many reasons for this, an important one being to prevent investment newsletter fraud, such as pump and dump schemes. This SEC alert details the dangers of fraudulent investment newsletter schemes. However, If you aren't licensed, don't be discouraged! Many investment newsletters have scaled tremendously without a license and it is by no means a requirement.

Find Your Platform

Unless you can easily code an email service, website, and paid integration, you're better off leveraging existing writing platforms. Rather than months of trying to build all the components you need from scratch, you can start writing and earning today.

If you want a free newsletter service right now, we'd like to introduce ourselves. Letterdrop will get your first post out in less than 5 minutes and is the only newsletter service with finance-specific features.

Bring live stock quotes to your writing, Seeking Alpha style. Just mention a stock with its exchange like NASDAQ:AAPL once and your readers will see live stock quotes when they hover over it. You can just mention AAPL any time in your post after the first time.


Embed live charts with financial data to tell better stories with data.

Charge for your analysis by paywalling your content.


Ready to start your own paid newsletter? Sign up for Letterdrop - it's free to get started!

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