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Letterdrop Integrates with Grammarly

Grammarly and Letterdrop Have Been Working Together to Improve Content Marketing Workflows

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Parthi Loganathan

Sep 29 2022

5 mins read

We're excited to announce that Letterdrop has been working closely with the Grammarly team to support advanced features of Grammarly in our editor natively.

Why Use Grammarly in Letterdrop?

Grammarly's Pre-Installed for Your Entire Team to Use

You work with other content marketers, freelance writers, editors, designers, sales, product, and your exec team to create content... that's a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

You love the lift that Grammarly gives you, but how do you get your whole team to use it? Maybe they don't have Grammarly installed or aren't paying for the Business version with advanced suggestions.

You don't have to worry about that with the Grammarly integration in Letterdrop. Every piece of copy you and your team creates gets the Grammarly boost auto-magically. There's no installing extensions or handling billing for individuals. It just works.

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Shared View of Suggestions

With this integration, your writers and editors see the same writing suggestions, providing a single source of truth for proofreading.

With Grammarly built natively into Letterdrop, everyone has a shared view of what needs a second look. That gives each person working in the editor visibility on suggestions for the best course of action to make the blog post sound and come across the way you and your team intended. Native Grammarly integration = a single source of truth.

Grammarly Makes Editorial Work Flow Seamlessly

Mistake-free writing is always a pain point when creating long-form content. That's true even if you're really good at it.


  1. You're moving fast, and so are your writers and editors
  2. Speed kills (grammar)
  3. A lot of people can touch an article before it gets published, and it helps to have a shared view and a single point of truth

Let's talk about what that looks like in real life — the real, practical, operational impact of having Grammarly integrated into your publication workflow.

What Marketers Have to Say About Grammarly in Letterdrop

Lindy Singer is the Head of Marketing at Nautical Commerce, a multi-vendor marketplace platform. She works with agencies and freelancers in both the long and short term to help Nautical produce content marketing.

She has a lot of moving parts to coordinate, and as a marketing head, producing high-quality content marketing is just one part of the puzzle she needs to solve to be successful.

She had this to say about using Grammarly with Letterdrop:

"With Grammarly integrated directly into my Letterdrop account, I feel like I have another (very responsive and low maintenance) member on my marketing team. As I add new freelancers to my content team, I don’t have to worry about getting them set up with individual licenses or onboarding them onto Grammarly. It’s a super low lift for me to ensure our content remains high-quality."

When you have as much to manage as Lindy does, any lift you can get with editing is a huge relief.

And Grammarly adds a lot of value to your editorial process, even when your content team is highly skilled.

Eric Forster, Content Lead at Letterdrop, has been working in publishing for 15 years, producing everything from academic monographs to 750-page marketing e-books to content-marketing blog posts.

Eric manages an in-house team of writers for Letterdrop's services. He's busy mentoring writers, ensuring customer success, giving feedback to copy editors, shepherding freelancers, and ginning up content strategy, amongst other things. He wishes he had more hours in the day to get all his work done. Grammarly is the assistant he needs to give him back time.

How Does Our Grammarly Integration Help with All That?

"Grammarly's integration with Letterdrop allows me to zero in on possible issues in a small time window. It's a time-saver and a quality-assurance tool, and it works for every person in the production line." — Eric, Content Lead at Letterdrop


‎Letterdrop's Grammarly integration lets your team edit as they compose. You're not copying and pasting from one place to another or left wondering if what you see is what everyone else is seeing — whether you're a head of marketing, a content lead, a writer, a copy editor, a client, or a CEO. At every part of the production line, Grammarly's writing suggestions are consistent, giving you that single source of truth so you can act on it with confidence.

Why Use Letterdrop for Your Content Marketing?

Letterdrop lets content marketers, writers, execs, designers, and editors come together to collaborate on content.

Instead of using Google Docs, spreadsheets, Notion, and 3rd-party extensions for SEO optimization, social-media publishing, and keyword research, Letterdrop combines all of that into a single workspace.

Letterdrop means no more shadow databases, no more manual status updates on works-in-progress, no more admin tedium, truth lag, fog of war, 67-point checklists, or 20-tab spreadsheets.

Grammarly makes Letterdrop better for you, which is why we're thrilled to work with them. We're thankful to Drew, Rob, Jenn, and David from Grammarly for helping us level up the Letterdrop platform with Grammarly over the past couple of months.

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