Letterdrop AI

Content research and repurposing is automated

Too much time is spent researching and repurposing marketing content. Letterdrop AI helps complete much of the upfront work. Focus on creating more quality content.

Automated monitoring and alerts when pages need help

Stop competing against yourself

Eliminate keyword cannibalization by discovering pages competing for the same keyword and understand how clicks are being distributed across them.

Almost ranking? Give it a boost

Find pages that are oh so close to ranking well on Google and give them a refresh to bring them across the finish line. The top 3 pages get 70% of the traffic.

Split a page trying to do too much

Identify pages that are poorly ranking for a lot of things and could probably be better if split into multiple focused pages.

Promote money

Improve distribution to key pages with high engagement that aren't getting as much traffic as they deserve.

Stop declining traffic in its tracks

Get alerted to pages with declining month over month traffic. Maybe a competitor is trying to steal it from you and you need to up your game. Don't find out too late.

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Create a list of insights and content based on call recordings

Dont labor yourself trying to parse through hundreds of Gong recordings looking for golden nuggets. Have a list of relevant ideas to execute on with your own AI research assistant.

Repurpose webinars and podcasts to blog and social posts

Some of the best insights are in your video and audio content. But it's hard for your customers to find. Use AI to automatically turn webinars and podcasts into blog posts for SEO and social media posts that your customers can discover.

Letterdrop turned my team into social sellers. We now have 2x engagement and 3x reach on LinkedIn that translates to pipeline.

Jordan Tennenbaum

Social Media Manager



Census saves 12 hrs/week creating SEO optimized content on Webflow and maximizing distribution on LinkedIn

Allie Beazell

Director of Marketing



Scribe grew search traffic to 70k/mo and paid signups by 11x by publishing 800 articles in 12 months while managing dozens of writers

Lauren Funaro

Head of Content



Want to identify high ROI pages and build a healthy site?

The most impactful thing you can do for a large site is to make sure you're optimizing what you already have. It's not creating new content. We make that easy.