Newsletter sponsorships made easy

No more spreadsheets, payment mishaps or back and forth emails. Create a professional advertising experience and save time managing sponsorships.
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sales page

Elevate your pitch

Get big sponsors to take you seriously. Create a professional sales page, share engagement metrics and samples from previous sponsors.

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Seamless checkout

No more email ping pong or missed payments. Sponsors can book a slot, add their blurb, and pay from your checkout page.

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content calendar

Ditch the spreadsheet. Manage requests

Accept and decline inbound sponsor requests. Stay organized with your content calendar. Collaborate with sponsors.

Save me time

Share ad performance. Keep them coming back

Automatically share a sponsors-only dashboard with open and click rates on their sponsored post. If they like what they see, they'll sponsor you again.

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Increase your revenue
Save time managing sponsorships