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A Built-in SEO Analyzer? Yes, Please!

Introducing a savvy SEO analyzer tool, a way to attach style guides and support for analytics on 3rd party blogs

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Shahrain K M

Oct 22 2021

2 mins read

Optimize your writing for Google with the new SEO Analyzer

You put a lot of effort into a blog post. It would be a shame if Google didn't pick it up and rank it, not because the content wasn't good, but because you didn't structure it in a way that was SEO-friendly. 

That ends today because Letterdrop has an SEO analyzer built into the editor now! 


Open up the Letterdrop editor and click on the G (for Google) at the top. We'll take a few seconds to analyze your writing and you'll get tips on how to optimize your content so that it ranks on Google.

We built a rule engine that handles over 50 different best practices to help you optimize your blog posts for search engines!

The SEO analyzer in action

It's a great, dare we say better, alternative to tools like Yoast if you've used the plugin in WordPress before. We're launching an originality/plagiarism detector and readability analyzer soon. Stay tuned!

Keep your company's writing in sync with Style Guides

Getting multiple teams and writers to work in sync so that your content pieces have a single tone and voice can be difficult.

With this new feature, you can attach style guides to your workflow. Writers on your team and freelancers can understand how to write in your brand’s tone and voice. You can use the style guide we provide or use your own.

How it


Support for Analytics on Third-Party Blogs

Keeping track of blog traffic and other blog insights can become tedious. Especially when you’re hosting your blog on third-party websites like Webflow, WordPress, Gatsby, etc. 

With Letterdrop tracking, all you have to do is copy and paste a Javascript snippet into your blog post's <head> tag to track analytics and you’re good to go!


Hubspot Integration

You can now sync your email list with your HubSpot contacts. Send newsletters with Letterdrop; send sales sequences and drip campaigns with HubSpot.


That’s all for today, folks!

You’re always welcome to give us feedback. Reach us at or DM us on Twitter.

Until next time!

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