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Dark mode, a new editor and feedback

An editing and reading experience so good you could lick it

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Parthi Loganathan

Oct 22 2020

1 min read

Dark Mode

Why would I ever want to read in dark mode you might ask? There are the obvious ones...


We know your subscribers secretly read your posts late at night under the covers, binging on your literary masterpiece. A bright white screen can be draining on the eyes. To make sure they can read your writing with either a cup of morning coffee or a mug of hot chocolate before bed, we made dark mode.


New Editor

Toolbars don't need to hang out on top and watch you work. Behold, the new styling toolbar that appears when you highlight text to take an action. We also improved image insertion so that you can add captions to your images and they can be full bleed.


Also, dividers!

Wow, this feels like a whole new section.

Feedback forms


No more wondering why someone unsubscribed. Get their feedback by embedding your very own Typeform or Google Form in your unsubscribe page. Who knows, you might even convince them to return.

Till next time!

Copy secretly edited by Peels

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