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Footers, headers, and metadata

Introducing email-only footers and posts readouts

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Natalia Dorzheeva

May 17 2021

2 mins read

I hope our previous update email inspired you to play with the new Letterdrop features. 

This week we have some more lovely things for you. 

Email-only headers and footers

Now if you want to include something into your email newsletter only (maybe, a promo or a sponsored block) it can be done from the post editor before publication. 

No more posting with having to update the blog afterward.

The same spiel is available for email headers.

For your convenience, save the footers and headers as templates so you can easily access them whenever you need it. 


Oh data, so meta

Remember that big data field you have that contains info about your subscribers? 

Good news: now you can upload metadata (first name, location, etc.) and include custom fields via uploading a CSV and Zapier alongside already available API. 


Hear me now

We’ve launched an early version of automatic audio posts for creators on the Side Hustle plan and above! Now you can get AI-generated readouts of your posts. 

We use the same technology that powers Google Home. It’s early, but we’ll be improving this experience over time. In the future, your own reading uploads will be available as well. Export to podcasts is coming too.


Take a look at the demo post and listen to the readout here

What do you think? As always, we welcome all and any feedback! If you want to reach us or have questions about new features, shoot us an email at!

See you next time! 😉

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