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Friction-free feedback in your emails

Learn whether your readers liked your post

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Parthi Loganathan

Feb 09 2021

2 mins read

There are multiple ways to get feedback on an individual post in Letterdrop.

Feedback votes at the end of posts

You want to make it quick and painless for your readers to give you feedback. That's why we have single-click feedback that can be attached to the end of your posts.


When you send out your email, your readers will see the feedback option at the end. Clicking on any of them registers their vote!


And we'll let you know how they feel about your latest post! This is a great way to get a temperature check on how your readers felt about the post. No typing or effort on their part.


Comments and Likes

There's also comments and likes on web, which you might find on most blogging platforms.


Every post has a little heart at the start that you can like to show your appreciation.


Alternatively, readers can leave a comment in response to your post. Pretty standard stuff for your blog!

Unsubscribe Feedback

It's always sad when someone unsubscribes 🙁 but at the very least, you should collect feedback and figure out why they unsubscribed. It might have just been that they were subscribed to too many newsletters and clearing their inbox. Maybe they don't like your content. Or perhaps it was an accident! Regardless, you should find out the root cause in case you need to take action.

You can create and link a Google Form or a Typeform to the page your readers are taken to when they unsubscribe along with a short personal message saying goodbye! Maybe they'll change their mind.


These are three ways in ways in which you can collect feedback on Letterdrop today. If you have ideas for other feedback mechanisms and are struggling to get them set up, just let us know at support@letterdropcom and we'll build them in!

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