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Go bold + international currencies

Updated CTA look, new subdomains, and more supported currencies

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Natalia Dorzheeva

May 31 2021

2 mins read

Hello! We’re back. How has it been 2 weeks already since the last update newsletter? 🤔

That’s what happens when you work on something you love! 💖

No more subtleties

Meanwhile, Letterdrop got an even brighter look. Now CTAs are more eye-catching. 

The colors match your custom theme and background palette!




🎨 What does your newsletter color scheme look like? 🎨

Separate subdomains 

We always say that we put your branding first. To live up to it, now everyone who’s not on a custom domain gets a separate subdomain! 

It's been changed from 


Do not worry though! All the existing links you’ve previously posted online will automatically lead to the new page.

This change opens up the possibility for us to help people host their Letterdrop blog in the path of their main site. For example, at This will help you build SEO for your main domain. The feature will be in our business plan soon.

Money moves

Good news for creators with paid subscription newsletters or sponsorships. We support every currency that Stripe supports.



Thank you for reading! How do you like the newest additions to our platform? 😀

As always, we welcome your feedback!

Don’t be shy, feel free to reach us at or DM us on Twitter 💌

Until next time! 🙌🏻

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