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Introducing Freelancer Workflow, a Brand New Dashboard, and an Improved Content Calendar

We're making it easier to work with writers

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Shahrain K M

Sep 24 2021

3 mins read

We’re back with more updates that we’re excited to share! Here's a preview of some of the ones we’ve rolled out in the last couple of weeks.


A Workflow for Businesses to Work with Freelancers

It's really hard managing a team to create content, especially when working external parties. So we created a simple workflow to easily invite a freelancer to your workspace, give them what they minimally need to do their job, request approvals, and then peace out ✌️ . No more dealing with loose Google Docs, managing permissions, timelines, sharing style guides, and content briefs.

Freelancer checklist

Here's what the flow looks like:

  • When creating a project for a blog post, you can send a freelancer you want to work with an invitation link or invite them by email.
  • They are invited to a freelancer portal where they see upcoming deadlines for your project, as well as access your style guide and content brief.
  • They can write and submit a content outline for approval followed by a full first draft. They won’t have access to anything else. Deadlines for both are clearly listed and everyone's alerted when anything falls behind.
  • They can use the Letterdrop editor which has support for collaborative writing, comments, AI-assisted writing, and SEO optimizing tooltips. No more copying a Google Doc in and hoping the formatting stays the same.
  • The freelancer's permissions to access your project are automatically revoked once you publish your piece. 

And here’s a quick demo

We've been beta testing this feature with existing customers, and it's made life easy for both businesses and writers!

A More Useful Content Calendar

We’ve spruced up the way our calendar works to make your projects and the writing process more efficient. This has made our lives easier, and we hope it does the same for you!

Here’s how the brand new calendar looks now:

A glimpse of how the improved calendar looks

Calendar events now display additional, useful information like:

  1. Who assigned a post.
  2. Who it’s assigned to.
  3.  The due dates for content outlines, drafts, and the publishing date.
  4. The current status of the post.

An All-new Overview Dashboard 

In the spirit of making things easy for businesses, we’ve tweaked the overview dashboard quite a bit to make sure you have a 30,000-foot view of how your content is performing and whether your team is falling behind on anything. 

You can see your action items, recent and upcoming posts, as well as stats

Here’s everything in the new overview dashboard:

  1. Action items for who needs to Write or Approve posts
  2. Upcoming posts
  3. Overall stats on your content
  4. Recently published post stats
  5. Email opens over the past 30 days and how it’s doing versus the previous 30 day period
  6. Page views over the past 30 days and how it’s doing versus the previous 30 day period

We hope it helps keep your marketing team running like clockwork.

That’s all for today, folks!

You’re always welcome to give us feedback. You can reach us at or even DM us on Twitter.

Until next time!



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