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New Comment Notification Settings, Improved Referral Program, & Website Makeover

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Shahrain K M

Aug 27 2021

2 mins read


We’ve been working behind the scenes, rolling out new updates and features every now and then. 

But we finally decided to catch our breath and tell you all about it!


Get Email Notifications of Comments

We know how obsessive writers can get when it comes to receiving feedback for an article they’ve just written.

So you’d be glad to know that we took your suggestion to heart and rolled out a suave, email notification feature that lets writers know when someone comments on one of your posts. 

Now you can go about your day worry-free and look at all the feedback you get by simply opening your email. 


A New and Improved Referral Program

Our referral program just got better because it now includes a polished, simple, and organized leaderboard. 

Now you can keep track of the number of referrals your reader base is vying for. You also get access to a weekly rundown list that ranks readers according to the number of referrals they’ve made. 


This cool new feature is also available on its own at yourdomain/leaderboard. 


A Website Makeover

We’ve kept the biggest news for the last (it’s also our biggest flex yet!). 

Although nothing changes for the writers on the platform (everything you need and use still exists at at the existing pricing for newsletter writers and creators), our website is now more business-focused as we build for larger teams. Head to our home page to get a feel of the new design and latest features. 

That’s all for today, folks! Watch this space for future updates because we’re always building and growing. 


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