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New Customizable Headers, Upgraded Content Map Template, and Grammarly Integration

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Shahrain K M

Dec 01 2021

2 mins read


But we come bearing some much-awaited updates, so sit tight!

Sleek, New, Customizable Headers

In an effort to make your blog fit your brand better, we’ve launched a few more blog header customization options.

You can customize fonts, styles, colors, or use custom code in your header

Aside from changing the font and color of the header, you can even set your preferences to one of the following effects:

  1. Fade
  2. Gradient
  3. Solid
  4. Transparent

Change the font and color of your header

You can set a custom Call-to-action button to get visitors to subscribe, schedule a demo, sign up, etc.

Place CTAs like subscribe, sign up, and schedule a demo

Brand New Content Map Template

A content map helps you align with writers on what your final post will look like - get on the same page on things like the article outline, keywords, internal links, source material, etc.

You can now create a custom form for your content map. Use our default template or create your own.

  1. Administrators can set up instructions or text fields for the content map form. 
  2. Writers can fill out the fields and request approval.
  3. Administrators can leave feedback and approve the content map.
  4. Once approved, writers can start drafting the final post.

The improved content map template

With this new feature, both writers and admins can make sure that they're aligned with each other so that you don't end up with 1500 words that you need to revise. 

Grammarly Integration (Beta)

The editing process is important to businesses and writers alike. We’re excited to introduce a native Grammarly integration into the Letterdrop editor! 

Use Grammarly to fix your writing

With this integration, everyone on your team will have access to all of Grammarly’s Business features - sentence rewrites, grammar correction, etc. This is in beta right now. We plan on including Grammarly style guide support early next year, so stay tuned for that.

That’s all for today!

You’re always welcome to give us feedback. Reach us at or DM us on Twitter.

Until next time!

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