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Oops, we got carried away building

But here are a lot of new features!

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Parthi Loganathan

Sep 27 2020

3 mins read

Whoops, looks like we went heads down building for the month and haven't kept you posted. Now that the we're a little more stable and have some active writers, we're committing to weekly updates on what we shipped, even if it isn't user facing.

In the past month, we improved the platform a ton after talking to a lot of writers. Here's a sample of some of the stuff we added.

Custom domains and emails

Your readers want to read your content. We don't want to steal your limelight, so we built a way for to use all our publishing infrastructure under your own brand. You want to own your content and build a personal relationship with your readers, so it makes sense to use your own domain. You can also send emails from your own domain as well!

Referral Program

MorningBrew, a successful new-age business publication, got 30% of it's audience through referral programs. Same with The Hustle. Depending on your audience, a referral program can be a powerful tool in increasing word of mouth virality of your writing. We baked in a referral program so you can unlock that growth too.


Improved editor

Our editor had a big upgrade with even more coming soon. There's a neat animated insert button whenever you start a new line


You can also insert custom buttons. Here's a button to subscribe. You can create a custom button with your own text and link too


and here's the actual button. Meta!

We have many more exciting improvements to our editor coming, so stay tuned!


We beefed up our analytics with interactive graphs, subscriber filters, an events view to understand how your subscribers are interacting with your writing and the ability to identify subscribers. We'll get you their name, social media and location from public sources, so you can better understand your audience.


We integrated with Twitter to unlock two growth levers for you. The first lets you build Twitter lists from your subscribers so you can interact with them on Twitter and better understand what content you should be writing. The other feature lets readers connect their Twitter so they can discover publications written by people they're following.


As with any early platform, there are some hiccups and bugs. We've been working around the clock to make sure the platform is reliable and stable, so that you can publish worry-free!

If you're interested in writing and building a content business, we can help! Just sign up and shoot us a note.

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