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Table of contents

How Pecan AI Gets Insights from 100s of Hours of Calls, Instantly

About Pecan AI

Pecan is an AI platform that offers predictive analytics to detect and fix common data quality issues.

Company Size: 250

Funding: Series C

Founded: 2016

Website: ‎‎‎

Industry: Predictive analytics

The Problem: There Was a Growing Gap Between What Prospects Wanted and What Content Addressed

Susan Sivek, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Pecan AI and one-person content team, felt that there was a growing gap between what the sales team was answering in calls and what her content addressed.

This misalignment meant that her content was less likely to resonate with prospects.

Listening to Every Sales Call Was Not a Viable Solution

In order to align sales and marketing better to understand prospect concerns, questions, objections, and more, Susan started listening to their recorded sales and customer success calls recorded on Gong.

Susan blocked out two hours in her calendar to sift through what she guessed were important calls seeking insights. This was hit or miss since she would often spend time listening to calls that weren't valuable because there was no way to know which insights each call would bring up.

And as a very busy (and solo) marketer, she also didn't have time to sit through dozens calls. This wasn't efficient. She needed a way to get these insights in far less time.

"Everyone wants to know what prospects are saying, what questions they have, what concerns, objections and so forth. And spending a lot of time listening to Gong calls was just not necessarily the most efficient way to get the really critical information that I would love to have." — Susan Sivek, Pecan AI

How did Letterdrop's Gong Integration Help Pecan AI?

Letterdrop Automatically Surfaces Recurring Themes and Objections

Susan is able to see all the recurring themes, concerns, objections, questions, and other prospect insights directly from the Letterdrop dashboard.

This saves her the effort of having to sit through entire calls to get the information she wants and to create targeted content. Instead, she can see extracted insights, calls around that insight grouped, and drill down to the exact minute of a call where the prospect says something interesting to listen in for more information.

Susan also recognizes that it's incredibly important to use the language of the customer in your content and copy. These insights help her use more relatable language so that content resonates with customers.

"I'm able to use Letterdrop's feature to highlight things that are showing up repeatedly. I can see themes and insights directly in Letterdrop. I can go to them directly in the call and can see how someone in our team has tried to respond to them. It's much quicker and more efficient." — Susan Sivek, Pecan AI

The Business Impact of Letterdrop for Pecan AI

Since onboarding Letterdrop:

  • Susan gets insights that would typically require listening to every single sales call (hundreds of hours of calls) and figuring out which ones are valuable to her — she now gets the insights she needs in 30 minutes of scanning Letterdrop.
  • She creates targeted content based on recurring themes Letterdrop pointed out — this includes sales enablement content, blog posts, and a more accurate FAQ page for the Pecan AI website
  • The gap between what sales needed and what content addressed has closed
  • There has been an overall improvement in site traffic
  • AEs, SDRs, and the CS team have access to relevant content to move deals forward

Listen to examples of how Letterdrop has helped Susan execute on more helpful content, faster:

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