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Automated workflows for content creation and distribution

‍• Prioritize the right ideas, plan your calendar, and manage approvals
• Repurpose webinars, generate socials, and write faster with an AI-assisted CMS
• Optimize for the new SEO landscape in 2023
• Publish to Webflow, have employees share on LinkedIn, and distribute to a dozen channels in one click

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Content Marketers and SEO Specialists at fast growing companies use Letterdrop
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Learn how Explo 18x'ed traffic in 6 months with Letterdrop 🚀

Let’s make sure you’re in the right place. Facing these problems?

You want to grow leads with content? Great! A million things prevent that from actually happening? We hear ya.

Letterdrop automates all the tedious but important jobs to be done in content marketing so that you can focus on important strategic and creative work.

SEO is complicated in 2023

How does SEO work with the new AI Google? Why is my agency charging me $5k/mo for SEO optimization?

Content Operations are a mess

Asana, Notion, Airtable, spreadsheets, Slack DMs, custom reports... no wonder content isn’t going out and feels ad hoc.

No one is seeing our content

We forget to distribute blogs. The sales team asks me for assets we already have. I have to beg them to share guides and case studies with customers.

I’m out of touch with our customers

We have all these keywords... but what do our actual customers struggle to understand when buying? I don’t have 10,000 hrs to listen to sales calls.

How do I use AI responsibly?

Is it taking my job? Why is everything it spits out crap? How do I get it to sound like me? How do I actually use it in a way that works?

@#$%&! I’m not technical enough for Webflow

My web designer thinks its great, but it sucks for content marketers. I touched code and broke the site.

I’m a bad person and don’t recycle

We have webinars and YouTube videos, but they’re not on our blog and socials. We have old social posts that did well... but I haven’t reposted them.

Is this content even working?

GA4, Google Search Console, custom dashboards, pulling 3rd party analytics, content calendar in a spreadsheet... how do I tell my leadership team we’re doing a good job?

A thoughtfully designed end-to-end platform for content marketing

Customer education done right

Most marketers are bogged down by point solutions. You have important jobs to be done fall through the cracks. You lose a day a week from inefficiency. Letterdrop listens, streamlines, automates, and reports so that you can rest easy knowing you’re doing right by your customer education.

SEO tooling

SEO so easy, your grandma could use it

Optimize content in 3 clicks using an SEO tool built by a team from Google Search. Create educational content for your customers that Google can also understand. We use the latest GPT models and account for the new AI-first Google in 2023.

Internal linking

Automatically find, insert, and publish internal links between pages to grow traffic.

Content refresh monitoring

Save 12 hrs/mo on content audits. Monitor pages that need to be refreshed for you.

One click distribution

Increase impressions, not ad budget

Automatically generate posts from your blogs and post to LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, your newsletter, and a dozen others channels in one click.

LinkedIn employee advocacy

Stop begging AEs to engage and share with prospects. Automate LinkedIn likes, comments, and reposts with one click.

Suggest content to sales after calls

Get Sales to share the right content with the right customers based on questions asked on calls. Stop digging through folders.

Content operations

An up to date content calendar you can share with leadership

Unlock buttery smooth content operations with our integrated content calendar, project management, and ideas intake. It’s always accurate unlike Asana, Notion, or any jerry-rigged spreadsheet you have today.

A CMS for marketers

Webflow + Letterdrop > WordPress

Letterdrop is a headless CMS that works with Webflow, WordPress, HubSpot, Contentful, and even custom sites. But we especially work well with Webflow, making marketers coming from WordPress feel at home. We bring no-code embeds, syntax highlighting, previews, and more to make publishing a joy.


The best marketing decision you'll make

Don't just take it from us. We've helped over 50 marketing teams.

“We 18x'ed traffic in 6 months”

We weren't consistent with content before. Letterdrop helps us with content strategy, creation, and delivery. The automation frees up our time to focus on the important parts of the business. The SEO tooling gives us peace of mind knowing that we're following best practices. The project management workflow gives us a clear view of everything that's going on.

All our metrics are up across the board - clicks, impressions, traffic. Letterdrop has been a true partner.

Tyler Suss
Head of Marketing, Explo
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“We've published 18 articles in two months with four writers, all stress-free”

Content is important to our strategy but executing on it is hard. Letterdrop centralizes everything. It helps me collect ideas, manage freelancers, plan my content calendar, and distribute content to our Webflow blog and social channels. The team is also incredibly responsive. I'm excited to scale our content operation on Letterdrop!

Lindy Singer
Head of Marketing, Nautical Commerce

“Our organic search traffic has grown 5x in six months and we’ve started attributing customers to content”

SEO is a no-brainer for us but we kept punting because content takes effort. Letterdrop makes us consistent and bakes in SEO best practices. We’re now ranking for important keywords and have decided to double our content volume as we make content our top priority in 2023.

Tej Seelamsetty
Head of Growth, Fair Square Medicare

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