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5 -> 21% LinkedIn DM reply rate. No additional work

More hiring, more activity, more volume to get more leads doesn't work like it used to. Cold outbound is harder than ever. Instead, help your sellers build trust with buyers, educate them, and let them tell you when they're ready to buy.

Buyers overwhelmed

The average VP gets 80 cold outbounds per day across email, LinkedIn, and cold calls. Impossible to reach them.

No one accepts LinkedIn connects from SDRs

Buyers don’t want to connect and get pitch slapped.

More volume isn't the answer

You can't just increase activity to book more meetings. Emails marked as spam. Blacklisted numbers.

Try it yourself

Don't know what to talk about? We do

One click content answering real customer questions

If one customer asks you a question, you can bet other buyers will too.

Letterdrop takes REAL questions your customers ask in sales calls and drafts LinkedIn posts using AE answers, your website, and video in their voice.

Your seller gets a message in Slack or email. All they have to do is accept, lightly edit, and it's live! No work needed.

Get in front of your buyers

Automate engagement from your team to get seen

Don't want to just rely on the LinkedIn algorithm to get in front of buyers? Letterdrop automates likes, reposts, and requests comments from your execs and broader sales team to get your posts in front of more of the team's collective network.

Attract and identify engaged buyers

Build a list of buyers who want to talk to you and know exactly what to say

Letterdrop collects everyone who engages with your LinkedIn content or sees your site, and filters it down to your ICP. See what they've read so you can reach out with the right message. Say goodbye to cold pitch slapping that puts you in spam.


Social Selling
Come up with content ideas and write
Most SDRs and AEs don't know how to create engaging content. Not everyone is Brian LaManna.
Post on LinkedIn
The average seller last posted on LinkedIn 4 months ago. It's not muscle memory for them like a cold call.
Get discouraged
Consistency matters to be able to get in front of buyers. If you give up, they won't see you an won't trust you.
Sellers stuck chasing unrealistic activity
Missed targets? Let's do more calls, send more email, send more DMs. End up in spam and burned out. Get fired.
Prospects keep ignoring
Your buyers don't want 50 more touch points. They want to follow you because you educate them so that you can reach out once they trust you and give you signals when the the time is right.

With Letterdrop's

Social Selling
Understand buyer questions
Letterdrop listens to your sales calls to learn what matters to buyers. No guessing topics that matter.
AI writes LinkedIn drafts for you
Forget writer's block. AI drafts LinkedIn posts using answers from the AE, existing blogs, and video. Written in the tone and voice of each seller using templates.
Approve on Slack or email
Posts scheduled to seller LinkedIn accounts automatically. Edit or just hit approve.
Sell together
The rest of your Sales, exec team, and partners automatically like and comment posts. You don't bug them. Maximize distribution to potential buyers.
Buyers in network see content
Your seller’s connections (prospects) see content in their feed and now trust sellers for information. Our BDR sees a 15% connect rate and 21% reply rate.
Build a list and outbound better
We collect all ICP buyers who engage with your LinkedIn and website content so you can outbound to them when they raise their hand.
Boom! You just blew through your quarter's meetings booked goal. Easier way to connect with buyers and make them come to you.
Social Selling
Starting at
/month annualized
Turn sellers into educators that build trust and pipeline. Book more meetings, increase connect rate and reply rate on LinkedIn.
Extracts customer questions from sales calls recorded in Gong, Chorus, Clari, Fireflies, Grain, Outreach, and more
Generate first drafts from any calls, articles, and videos in the voice of your seller with AI templates
Publish to any connected seller or exec account and automate likes and comments to maximize distribution to buyers
Co-prospect and get your team to like or comment on posts to grab buyer attention
Build a list of engaged ICP buyers you can prospect into with targeted messaging based on content consumed
Requires virtually no work from sellers so takes no time away from calls
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Celigo's reach with buyers is up 3x

The Celigo brand is able to reach much farther and much faster now through our reps

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with buyers in ICP for their iPaaS solution through sales team

21% of Next DLP’s meetings attributed to Letterdrop

Buyers are engaging with our sales team now - unheard of previously

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Inbound increase

Inbound from LinkedIn increased by 55%

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LinkedIn is a goldmine of customers for B2B companies, but most sales teams fail to use it to its full potential. Social selling is the future as cold outbound gets harder, but it's a lot of work. We make it easy.