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Scribe's Paid Signups Went Up 1,100% in 1 Year With Letterdrop

About Scribe

Scribe is a tool that creates process documentation. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Salesforce use Scribe to save time on operations through their easy-to-build visual guides.

Funding: Series B

Founded: 2019


Industry: SOP Automation

The Scribe home page
The Scribe home page

The Challenges Scribe Faced Before Letterdrop

SEO is Scribe's first big channel they've had success with for customer acquisition. Lauren Funaro runs Content at Scribe. Along with her former manager, Jakub Rudnik, she started publishing content aggressively in May 2022.

Here are the problems that they faced.

Problem #1: They Lost Time on Disorganized Content Operations

The Scribe team used Asana, Google Drive, and Webflow to manage their content.

They were losing 15 to 20 hours per week across the team, managing multiple copies of Google Docs, training editors with SEO rules written in docs, updating Asana, tracking reviews, and uploading content to Webflow.

Problem #2: Content Operations Wouldn't Scale

Lauren and Jakub were aiming for 100 blogs a month. But due to an inefficient workflow, they weren't able to scale up their operation.

Problem #3: They Weren't Getting Enough Traffic

Before onboarding Letterdrop, Scribe's monthly traffic was around 6,000 visits. Because of the time suck of their operations, they couldn't find time to focus on strategy like keywords to go after, pages to refresh, and bigger-picture thinking.


What Did They Try Before Buying Letterdrop?

After learning about Letterdrop, the Scribe team actually spent a month doing their best to use no-code tools and automate their process, but it wasn't working.

They needed a tool to bring everything together and streamline their workflow.

How Did Letterdrop Help Scribe?

1. Letterdrop's Integrated Workflow Buys Back Time

Lauren and her team don't have to coordinate between different tools anymore, and that's because:

  • The Letterdrop project board brings approvals, briefs, drafts, publishing, and analytics into one place.
  • Both the project board and the content calendar are synced in real-time.
  • Letterdrop integrates directly with Webflow, saving time on formatting and dealing with their difficult-to-use editor.

2. Letterdrop's SEO Tools Help Scribe Improve New and Existing Content

Scribe uses Letterdrop's SEO optimization tooling to optimize both new and old content. The tool:

  • Helps them identify what's already being covered by the top pages on the SERP and what are opportunities to add net new information.
  • Helps them optimize for technical SEO, checking if content breaks 60 different rules and even automatically fixing them. They were previously trying to do this by training editors with a manual checklist in Google Docs.
  • Suggests internal linking opportunities across their 800 pages with nearly 100 new blog posts being published every month. This would be impossible with a spreadsheet.
  • Integrates with Google Search Console to alert the team about SEO refreshes such as pages that are almost ranking, need splitting, are facing keyword cannibalization, have low traffic despite high engagement, or are declining.

Before, Scribe published content at scale that was good enough — but with the help of Letterdrop, they can publish more and rank on the SERP.

In May this year, we had increased 20% in our signups and in traffic from using your optimization tools.

3. Letterdrop Helps Scribe Navigate the Future of SEO

Scribe also considered using Clearscope and decided to go with Letterdrop instead. Why?

Clearscope is focused on telling you to use a keyword a certain number of times and rating you. Letterdrop's SEO tooling goes beyond just keywords and holistically thinks about content and search intent, which is what Lauren loves about the product.

More specifically, she appreciates:

  • Its ability to help understand search intent
  • Its ability to find statistics to bolster arguments
  • Its ability to surface opportunities for information gain

About 40% of Scribe's blogs are between positions one and four on the SERP, which Lauren says is a result of using Letterdrop to take content to the next level.


What I love so much about Letterdrop is how forward-thinking you are in terms of SEO. You are looking at how Google is evolving to make sure that we're creating content that matches intent of the user.

What Has Been the Business Impact of Letterdrop at Scribe?

Scribe has seen astronomical growth from SEO. Letterdrop gave them the tools to execute their SEO strategy successfully.

In the past 12 months since adopting Letterdrop from July 2022 to 2023, Scribe has seen:

  • Increased Traffic: They went from 6k search visits per month to 70k (+1,158%)
  • Increased Free Sign-Ups from Search: They had a 1,735% uptick.
  • Increased Paid Sign-Ups from Search: They saw a 1,100% increase.

Letterdrop Gets Impactful Content Across the Finish Line

Lauren goes on to add that Letterdrop was the ticket to getting strong content across the finish line and only helps her writers get better.

It is so useful. I cannot emphasize enough how much this product has positively impacted our growth in volume and our success in the quality of our content.

Letterdrop is Excited to be Part of Lauren's Amazing Success Journey

Lauren's tremendous success led to her recent feature on The Content Studio podcast with Tommy Walker. We're so excited to have gotten a shoutout from her as an integral tool to her success over at Scribe.

Here's a snippet from the podcast.

Way to go, Lauren!

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