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How to Identify Content to Create for Sales From Gong with Letterdrop

Over at ContentSphere, we leverage sales calls for valuable insights that go beyond what traditional keyword research tools can offer.

They help us create more targeted content that better equips our sales team to close deals.

But my content team was losing roughly four hours a week sitting through call footage and reading transcripts to find actionable insights (even with a tool like Gong.) This wasn't feasible.

This playbook will demonstrate how, using the plug-and-play Gong-Letterdrop integration, we can now:

  • Automatically convert Gong sales call insights into actionable ideas and first drafts
  • Pinpoint where our sales team were blocked across sales cycles
  • Find valuable zero-search volume keywords to target
  • Bring the process from four hours a week to less than thirty minutes

How it Works

  1. Connect your Gong account to Letterdrop
  2. Go to the "Marketing Insights from Gong" dashboard
  3. Filter insights to see:
    1. What's blocking the sales team
    2. Valuable "zero volume keywords"
  4. Add promising ideas from calls to your content backlog
  5. Create a first draft from promising ideas from calls

The Playbook

Step 1: Connect your Gong Account to Letterdrop

After you've logged into Letterdrop:
1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations

Letterdrop overview dashboard

2. Scroll down until you find Gong. Click "Connect"

Letterdrop integrations settings

3. Go to https://app.gong.io/company/api and create access keys. Enter those access keys to proceed

Connecting to Gong in Letterdrop

Step 2: Go to the "Sales Call Insights" Dashboard

To access insights from your sales calls in Gong, navigate to Planning > Idea Generator > "Marketing Insights from Gong"

Letterdrop Idea Generator dashboard

Letterdrop sales call insights dashboard

Step 3: Filter Insights

Navigate to the funnel icon to view the list of filters.

Filtering call insights in Letterdrop

a. Find What's Blocking the Sales Team

Filter results by "Objection" to pinpoint what might be blocking the sales team in the sales cycle.

Filtering by sales objection in Letterdrop

b. Find Valuable "Zero Search Volume" Keywords

Zero search volume keywords give you a competitive edge since your competitors aren't yet aware customers are looking for those particular solutions.

Filtering by Pain Point, Competitor, and Product Questions can help you find valuable keywords to target.

filtering by pain point in Letterdrop

Step 4: Add Ideas to Your Content Backlog

Hover over any promising insights that will help create a genuinely helpful sales enablement article.

Click "Add Idea" to fill in an idea card and save it to your Idea backlog, where you can upvote, collaborate on, and assign ideas as projects.

Adding sales call ideas in Letterdrop 1

Adding sales call ideas in Letterdrop 2


Step 5: Create First Drafts of Your Best Call Insights

Hover over any promising insights that will help create a genuinely helpful sales enablement article.

1. Click "Generate draft text" and click "Confirm"

Generating first drafts from sales call insights Letterdrop

2. Wait for the "task complete" notification

Draft generation complete notification Letterdrop

3. Access the draft from the notification tray

Sales call first draft Letterdrop

The Results

  • We clawed back three and a half hours a week with the integration
  • Within three months of onboarding Letterdrop and using the Sales Call Insight feature for our sales enablement content, the average time for closing has decreased by 7%

Using these articles in prospecting emails has increased our response rate by 4%