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How to Get Seen By Thousands More Prospects on LinkedIn

It can be difficult to get your LinkedIn posts and comments seen — your team is busy and can miss your requests for them to boost posts, and it's easy for your comment to get lost in a sea of other comments.

There's a way to automatically get this engagement so that you can reach thousands of prospects across your team's networks — we do it ourselves at Letterdrop, with Letterdrop.

How it Works

  1. Copy the URL of the post or comment you want to boost
  2. Paste it into the LinkedIn "Boost" feature in Letterdrop
  3. Choose the team accounts that will like or comment on your chosen post or comment
  4. Wait for the likes to roll in

The Playbook

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Post or Comment You Need to Boost

Open LinkedIn and navigate to the post or comment you want to boost.

Click on the "..." icon and click "Copy link to post/comment."

Copy the link of the post or comment you want to boost within LinkedIn

Step 2: Paste the URL Into the LinkedIn "Boost" Feature in Letterdrop

Once you've logged into your Letterdrop account:
1. Navigate to Social → LinkedIn

2. Click on "Boost"

Navigating to the "Boost" feature in Letterdrop

3. Paste your link

Pasting the URL of a LinkedIn post you want to automatically boost in Letterdrop

Step 3: Choose the Team Accounts to Boost Your Post

In the "Boost" feature, you can choose the team accounts that you want to engage with your chosen post or comment from a dropdown.

You can also choose their LinkedIn reaction (like, love, support, celebrate, funny.)

Automating likes from team accounts for LinkedIn with Letterdrop

You will see these likes drop in over thirty minutes, and your comment or post will reach all of the networks of your GTM team.


  • Get your post or comment seen by thousands of additional prospects with minimal effort on your part
  • LinkedIn (particularly our CEO's account) drives around 60% of inbound pipeline
  • Reduce time spent on social media management from one and a half hours a day to a maximum of 20 minutes a day