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How to Identify Warm Accounts with Letterdrop

The best leads to scrape on LinkedIn are accounts that:

  • Are actually engaging with your content. This means the problems you're talking about online resonate with them
  • Fit your ICP. It might seem obvious, but there's no point going after accounts that only half fit the bill. Make sure they're within the targeted industry, role, and tech stack

We've been using web scraper tools over at Pinnacle to scrape LinkedIn for leads, but we face two problems:

  • Even web scrapers demand a lot on your time for configuration and input (sales loses about twenty minutes a sitting)
  • The leads aren't reflective of engaged accounts

This short playbook will show you how we are now able to:

  • Automatically access a list of engaged leads from LinkedIn to pass on to our BDRs
  • View their historical engagement

All thanks to Letterdrop, which scrapes LinkedIn safely using LinkedIn APIs.

How it Works

  1. Connect Letterdrop to the appropriate LinkedIn accounts
  2. Find the list of engaged accounts under LinkedIn Stats

Step 1: Connect Letterdrop to Company and Team LinkedIn Accounts

Once you've logged into Letterdrop:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations

Letterdrop overview screen

2. From the Integrations tab, find LinkedIn and click Connect (Connected Accounts if you already have accounts synced)

Letterdrop integrations settings

3. Click "Add New Account." Follow the prompt to sign in to LinkedIn.

Connecting to LinkedIn in Letterdrop

Step 2: Get the List of Engaged LinkedIn Accounts

  1. Navigate to Stats > LinkedIn

LinkedIn stats in Letterdrop

2. Scroll down to Engaged Accounts

Engaged accounts from LinkedIn Letterdrop

The Results

After onboarding Letterdrop two months ago to access engaged accounts:

  • Response rate after initial outreach on LinkedIn has gone up 12%
  • Out of 4 demos booked, 3 were qualified