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Increase your reply rate. Look smart. No additional work

More hiring, more activity, more volume to get more leads doesn't work like it used to. Cold outbound is harder than ever. Instead, help your sellers build trust with buyers, educate them, and reach out to buyers showing intent.

Buyers overwhelmed

The average decision maker gets 80 cold outbounds per day across email, LinkedIn, and cold calls. Impossible to reach them.

No one wants to connect with sales

Buyers don’t want to connect and get pitch slapped. Strangers are sent straight to junk

More volume isn't the answer

You can't just increase activity to book more meetings. Emails marked as spam. Blacklisted numbers.

Don't know what to talk about? We do

Pull thought leadership from your sales conversations

If one customer asks you a question, 100 others have the same question.

Letterdrop takes REAL questions your customers ask in sales calls and drafts LinkedIn posts that are genuinely helpful using your responses in call, your blog, webinars, sales PDFs using strong hooks.

Get a draft pinged in Slack after a call, edit for 2 mins, and it's live! No additional work - reps go about their job as usual.

Get in front of your buyers

Team engagement gets your reps seen and building relationships

Your brand new SDR isn't connected to enough buyers yet? Letterdrop makes it easy to get likes, reposts, and comments from your execs and broader sales team without any work from their end. This helps them grow their network with buyers 3x as fast.

Attract and identify engaged buyers

Reach out to engaged buyers ready to talk

Are buyers liking and commenting on relevant content? Did they recently follow someone on your team or your company page? Perhaps even connect with or DM someone.

Track it. Enrich it. Filter it down to your ICP. Reach out to receptive buyers with a pointed message at the right time. Say goodbye to pitch slapping that gets you blocked.


Social Selling
Come up with content ideas and write
Most SDRs and AEs don't know how to create engaging content. Not everyone is Brian LaManna.
Post on LinkedIn
The average seller last posted on LinkedIn 4 months ago. It's not muscle memory for them like a cold call.
Get discouraged
Consistency matters to be able to get in front of buyers. If you give up, they won't see you an won't trust you.
Sellers stuck chasing unrealistic activity
Missed targets? Let's do more calls, send more email, send more DMs. End up in spam and burned out. Get fired. Work smarter, not just harder.
Prospects keep ignoring you
Your buyers don't want 50 more touch points. They want to follow you because you educate them so that you can reach out once they trust you and give you signals when the the time is right.

With Letterdrop's

Social Selling
Understand buyer questions
Letterdrop listens to your sales calls to learn what matters to buyers. No guessing topics that matter.
Automatic LinkedIn post drafts
Forget writer's block. Get thoughtful LinkedIn posts from your sales calls, existing blogs, and webinars. Written in the tone and voice of each seller using templates.
Approve on Slack or email
Posts scheduled to seller LinkedIn accounts automatically. Edit or just hit approve.
Sell together
The rest of your Sales, exec team, and partners like and comment on posts. You don't bug them. Maximize distribution to potential buyers.
Buyers in network see content
Your seller’s connections (prospects) see content in their feed and now trust sellers for information. Our BDR sees a 15% connect rate and 21% reply rate.
Build a list and outbound better
We figure out which ICP buyers are interested in your LinkedIn and website content so you can outbound to them when they raise their hand.
Boom! You just blew through your quarter's meetings booked goal. Easier way to connect with buyers and make them come to you.

Meet our social selling superstars

Celigo's reach with buyers is up 3x

The Celigo brand is able to reach much farther and much faster now through our reps

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with buyers in ICP for their iPaaS solution through sales team

21% of Next DLP’s meetings attributed to Letterdrop

Buyers are engaging with our sales team now - unheard of previously

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On track to double meetings this year compared to last year


Inbound increase

Inbound from LinkedIn increased by 55%

Let's just objection handle here

Can I buy this as an individual BDR/AE/founder?

Yes. Just talk to us ( or book a demo) and we can sell you an individual license. Letterdrop runs on autopilot when you can hook it up to your sales calls and CRM, which might be harder without team-level approval, but you can still use it to create content faster and identify intent signals from buyers engaging with your own LinkedIn account.

My BDRs and AEs are not subject matter experts

They don't need to be. Our BDRs are 23 and have CMOs, Heads of Demand Gen, VPs of Sales, CROs liking and commenting on their posts. TYour sales team just needs to tell the stories of your customers. Letterdrop takes the questions from your customers and turns that into content for them.

My buyers are not on LinkedIn

This is true in some industries. If you're selling to mom and pop shops or 60+ yr old pharma execs, you're right. Everyone else is on LinkedIn to varying degrees - don't underestimate it.

Also, guess what buyers do when your BDR sends them an email or calls them? They look up your BDR on LinkedIn. Do you want them to have a helpful, educational profile or blank slate?

How long does it take to see improved reply rates and inbound?

1-3 months if you're consistent about letting Letterdrop do it's thing. Also depends on how big your existing network is. We recommend maxing out your LinkedIn connection requests every week. We've talked to enough teams to know that once you get started social selling and see the power, you will never go back.

I don't want to distract my team

I agree. Every minute your sales team is not talking to a prospect is a minute wasted. Letterdrop is low lift and does all the work for you. It give your sellers leverage to generate more conversations with buyers. The 5 mins spent on content with Letterdrop is WAY more impactful than an incremental cold call.

How do I know social selling will work?

Here's a clip from a BDR we interviewed. His connect rate, reply rate, and inbound are all through the roof after he started social selling. There's no reason this can't be you. You can also see numbers from our own study here.

Social Selling
Starting at
/month annualized
Turn sellers into educators that build trust and pipeline. Book more meetings, increase connect rate and reply rate on LinkedIn.
Extracts customer questions from sales calls recorded in Gong, Chorus, Clari, Fireflies, Grain, Outreach, and more
Generate first drafts from any calls, articles, and videos in the voice of your seller with AI templates
Publish to any connected seller or exec account and automate likes and comments to maximize distribution to buyers
Co-prospect and get your team to like or comment on posts to grab buyer attention
Build a list of engaged ICP buyers you can prospect into with targeted messaging based on content consumed
Requires virtually no work from sellers so takes no time away from calls
Includes 5 seats
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Ready to book more meetings from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a goldmine of customers for B2B companies, but most sales teams fail to use it to its full potential. Social selling is the future as cold outbound gets harder, but it's a lot of work. We make it easy.