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June 18, 2024

Who Should You Get to Engage with LinkedIn Posts for Maximum Impact?

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop

A lot of companies out there believe that getting their entire company to engage with their LinkedIn posts is how to drive maximum reach on the platform.

This "one size fits all" approach can actually hurt your capacity to build pipeline on LinkedIn.

However, there is value in getting very specific employees to engage with your LinkedIn posts. But which ones?

Why Getting Everyone to Engage With Your LinkedIn Posts Isn't Effective

There are a couple of reasons why getting "everyone and their mother" to engage with your company and personal LinkedIn posts won't help you turn LinkedIn into a primary acquisition channel.

  1. If you're indiscriminate about which employees engage with your posts, you're not necessarily reaching connections in your ICP. If you sell to VPs of Marketing and your posts are primarily reaching the feeds of engineers via your engineering team, you're not exposing your product to the right person and aren't going to drive sales.
  2. The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes organic engagement versus engagement from direct links. If you're just sending direct links to employees and begging them to engage, this engagement is probably slipping under the radar anyway.

The whole point of trying to get your company to engage with your posts is to maximize reach to those who are likely to buy from you — not to just boast a like count.

The more "arbitrary" reach you get, the less likely LinkedIn is to recommend your posts to your actual ICP.

Influent's CEO on why getting random employees to engage with LinkedIn posts isn't helpful

Your GTM Team Should Be Engaging With Your Posts

It's important that the employees that are liking and commenting on your posts are:

  • connected to lots of buyers who will see these posts through LinkedIn's network effects. These are your executives, the folks in sales, and customer support (in other words, your go-to-market team)
  • part of the user persona you're targeting. These could be partners and members of your customer advisory board

You should also be commenting and posting on the behalf of your sales and exec teams to improve inbound from their accounts and increase their connect rate with buyers.

Automating Engagement From the Right Accounts

This can be a lot of manual work — and it still poses the problem of sending direct links versus getting the organic engagement that LinkedIn prioritizes.

Letterdrop allows you to get all of the "right" engagement automatically through LinkedIn's APIs. This includes:

  • automating likes and comments
  • setting specific permissions of what you can do on behalf of an account to get partners, advisors, and customers comfortable
  • grouping your connected accounts into categories, so it's easier for you to get the right team amplifying your posts

This makes Letterdrop unique from other employee advocacy platforms out there.

Automate engagement from the right teams

Get Your LinkedIn Content Seen By the Right Networks

Make sure your customer-facing employees (sales, partners, execs, etc) are the ones who are engaging with your LinkedIn content to build pipeline on the platform — and automate it today using Letterdrop.

Automate impactful LinkedIn reach today

Letterdrop can help automate engagement from customer-facing employees to maximize reach

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