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Table of contents

Celigo's LinkedIn Impressions Went Up 3x with Letterdrop

About Celigo

Celigo is an iPaaS cloud-based integration platform. Its unique process-centric approach to automation enables IT and business users to discover, automate, and continuously optimize every business process, freeing teams and individuals to innovate at scale.

Company Size: 750+

Funding: Series C

Founded: 2006


Industry: iPaaS Data Integration

Celigo Home

What Is Celigo's Goal with LinkedIn?

Jordan Tennenbaum, Celigo's Social Media Manager, aims to:

  • make engagement on LinkedIn more consistent
  • grow the Celigo brand as fast as possible
  • bring in more impressions and engaged followers

For Jordan, truly engaged followers are beyond a vanity metric.

"Followers become more an actual representation of people who like your product, people who like your employees, people who like what you guys put out in terms of a business plan. Our goal really is to gain as many followers as possible." — Jordan Tennenbaum

But Jordan and his team faced a few problems with these goals.

Celigo's Challenges Before Letterdrop

Challenge #1: Lack of Consistency in Engagement

While Celigo often had great engagement on their posts, it wasn't happening as consistently as Jordan would have liked.

Getting his team to engage with each new company post was difficult because of everyone's different schedules. Not everyone can check LinkedIn all the time.

Challenge #2: Getting Employees to Post and Engage Was Manual and Overwhelming

Getting a regular employee advocacy routine going proved extremely difficult for Jordan.

He was constantly posting in their social media Slack channels, dropping links to posts and trying to get people excited about LinkedIn posts.

But people are busy, and social media is a low priority, so these messages get ignored.

Employee advocacy took a lot of time out of Jordan's day-to-day and quickly became overwhelming, even when he set up automatic Slack messages.

Challenge #3: Incentivizing Employee Advocacy Got Expensive and Tedious

Jordan turned to platforms like Awardco that incentivized employees to engage more often in return for virtual dollar rewards.

This became expensive since he was trying to incentivize over 30 employees.

He also still had to track all those individual people's engagement metrics, which again took a lot of time out of his day.

Jordan found that a lot of employee advocacy and gamification platforms:

a) Have a learning curve

b) Still require employees to do manual work, like tag others or add links, which defeated the point

How Did Letterdrop Help Celigo?

Celigo Employees can Engage "Hands-Free" Anytime with Letterdrop's Employee Advocacy Feature

Letterdrop's automated employee advocacy feature is what sold Jordan on the tool.

Now, no matter whether his employees are actually on their LinkedIn accounts or not, they're engaging and amplifying posts.

"The manual work of getting the people who don't care about social media to engage, Letterdrop solves that 100%. [They can] go about their day as they were before without really worrying about it, still contributing to social media [...] and getting our posts in front of more people." — Jordan Tennenbaum

Automation Means Increased Reach for No Extra Work

Getting Jordan's team and C-level execs to share or like company content can now happen in seconds. All Jordan has to do is add their names to the "likes" section of a LinkedIn post in the platform, and that's it.

Engagement happens automatically, and neither Jordan nor Celigo's employees have to really think about it anymore.

"The nice thing is, I send [employees] a link, they set up their LinkedIn through the Letterdrop platform, and set it and forget it, and don't have to worry about it. I don't have to worry about it." — Jordan Tennenbaum

The Business Impact of Letterdrop on Celigo

The Celigo brand is able to reach much farther and much faster now.

  • Using Letterdrop has 2x'd Celigo's engagement and 3x'd their impressions
  • Celigo has successfully onboarded 50 employees to the LinkedIn-Letterdrop integration. That means posts are regularly reaching the prospects of 50 networks
  • Celigo have saved hours of time on begging their team to engage and tracking employee engagement for incentives

"Engagement has probably doubled, and impressions have probably tripled. I don't have exact numbers, but just based on what I saw in terms of before vs now, across the board, that's essentially how it goes." — Jordan Tennenbaum

Looking to 3x LinkedIn Reach like Celigo?

Let Letterdrop take care of the mundane so you can focus on executing strategy.

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