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March 13, 2024

byword.ai Alternative: Letterdrop

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop


  • Letterdrop is an AI-powered tool founded by ex-Googlers that helps companies do SEO with AI, taking into account search intent, EEAT, and search rater guidelines. Its free programmatic SEO tool lets you marry AI-generated content with unique data.
  • byword.ai is an AI-powered article writer that can generate articles, but it runs the risk of being flagged as spam by Google and lacks unique expertise.
  • In order to make an impact with genuinely helpful pages at scale, it's important to marry programmatic SEO with proprietary data, which Letterdrop helps you achieve.

You've probably come across posts on Twitter that claim that these purely AI-generated pages alone have (allegedly) driven them a ton of organic traffic. But unless they're targeting keywords with extremely low competition or building a low-stakes programmatic SEO campaign, this is going to be short-lived.

Google doesn't care if your writing is AI-assisted or not, as long as your content:

  1. Answers user search intent to bring their search journey to an end.
  2. Offers helpful new information and unique expertise.

But the way it stands right now, pure AI drivel alone isn't able to meet these requirements. It's not genuinely helpful to users, which seriously diminishes your chance of ranking and getting the conversions you need to meet quarterly goals.

byword.ai and Letterdrop are both capable of helping you scale content quickly with AI. We're going to compare the capabilities of the two and show you why opting for purely AI-generated content is a bad move for your site.


Letterdrop was founded by ex-Googlers in 2021. It prides itself on being one of the first AI-powered tools that help companies do SEO the right way.


The Letterdrop platform makes it easy to put the user search journey first. Its SEO Optimizer takes search intent, Google's search rater guidelines, and EEAT guidelines into account when it comes to making SEO improvements as you write. And it's free programmatic SEO tool allows you to use proprietary data to generate sections for thousands of pages that are both unique and helpful.

What Should I Use Letterdrop For?

Unique AI-Written Programmatic SEO Pages (Paid or Free)

Letterdrop has a programmatic SEO tool to help you scale your pages with the help of AI.

It automatically identifies opportunities for programmatic pages on your site, pulling this data from sales calls, Google Search Console, and from top pages on the SERP.

It can then auto-generate these pages for you, pairing proprietary data with AI-generated content to create truly unique and helpful pages.

This is a feature completely unique to Letterdrop.

Identify and auto-generate opportunities for programmatic SEO with Letterdrop
Identify and auto-generate opportunities for programmatic SEO with Letterdrop

There's also a free tool, which is super easy to use. Here's what you do:

  1. First, upload a CSV file containing keywords and proprietary data.
  2. Enter your email and your OpenAI key.
  3. Up to you, but you can enter a writing prompt for the AI to make the results even more unique.
  4. Click "Process".

You'll receive an email containing thousands of uniquely-generated AI pages based on your specific data points.

Letterdrop's free programmatic SEO tool

If you're not familiar with programmatic SEO, it's a way to generate thousands of keyword-targeted pages with the goal of ranking on the SERP. There are plenty of programmatic SEO tools out there that can help you get started.

While this helps you scale fast, the only way to make programmatic pages genuinely useful to your readers is to include unique data — and Letterdrop lets you do that. It gives you the ability to pair proprietary data with AI-written pages.

Full Content Optimization

Letterdrop helps you keep your prospects' search intent top-of-mind and takes technical SEO off your hands. Its GPT-powered SEO tooling offers you the following:

  1. Semantic Content Analysis and Technical Fixes: Understands your content and compares it to top results, EEAT, and Google's Search Rater criteria. It determines search intent for you and suggests the best format for ranking. It runs your content through over 60 SEO rules and can auto-fix them.
  2. Content Gap Analysis: Provides insights on SERP topics, auto-generates relevant sections, and suggests topics to optimize for Information Gain.
  3. Automatic Site-Wide SEO Fixes and Checks: Letterdrop identifies and auto-adds internal linking opportunities across your site. It also offers real-time page refresh insights thanks to its Google Search Console integration.
  4. AI-Assistive Writing that can help you generate full-fledged introductions, sections, and conclusions based on frameworks like PASO, TAS, and BLUF.
  5. Automatic Internal Link Monitoring and Publishing. It can identify internal linking opportunities for you and automatically insert them into the content you're currently working on or publish them in bulk across your site.
  6. Up-to-Date Content Refresh Monitoring. It gives you a real-time overview of which pages need to be refreshed thanks to its integration with Google Search Console

Here's everything the tool can do for you, from outlining to SEO checks.



byword.ai was founded in 2021 and is an AI-powered article writer that can generate long and short-form content both individually and in large batches.

After you've completed your input, byword takes about 60 seconds to process and write your articles.

byword.ai article batch generator

It's similar to asking ChatGPT to write articles for thousands of keywords for you. It can hallucinate, make up facts, and be dry or repetitive. It's not thinking about the person reading the article or following human-centric SEO best practices.

What Should I Use Byword.AI For?

Basic Programmatic SEO

Purely AI-generated content can be useful for short-form pages in a programmatic campaign.

The tool makes it very easy for you to scale your content with the "Batch Generator." All you have to do is:

  • Name your project
  • Upload a CSV file of keywords

byword.ai article batch generator
byword.ai article batch generator

‎Keep in mind that you'll have to pay for all the outputs you generate. It costs over $10/article. You can use Letterdrop's tool completely for free.

You Need To Support AI-Written Articles with Unique Data

In spite of having an "AI Detector Evasion" switch, byword's output does run the risk of getting flagged as spam by Google's SpamBrain.


In 2023, plenty of sites that relied on spammy SEO articles generated with programmatic SEO saw heavy penalties by Google. One of them was Causal, which used byword.

A byword.ai client was heavily penalized for spammy AI-generated pages
A byword.ai client was heavily penalized for spammy AI-generated pages

On the one hand, we have Letterdrop, which is purpose-built to help the user account for these Google's ranking factors. It uses AI to help the user implement frameworks, repurpose content, and source information from sales calls and existing ranking content.

On the other, we have byword, which a) takes none of Google's factors into account and b) sets a dangerous precedent by only working from basic keyword data and purely AI-generated content.

Take a company like Fair Square Medicare, for example. They have a lot of AI-generated programmatic SEO pages relating to health care plans, but they're careful to include unique data for every state they generate SEO pages for. You don't want to let AI take care of sensitive information like health or finances — it's too high stakes.

You need to marry your programmatic SEO strategy with proprietary data if you really want to make an impact with pages that are genuinely helpful to readers and actually want to stand a chance to rank. And that's what Letterdrop helps you achieve.

Choose AI Tools That Marry Automation with Human Expertise

Search is becoming more and more topical as time goes on, so repeating your keyword in a million different ways isn't going to help your users or your ranking chances.

Letterdrop makes it easy for you to not only add net new information with the SEO Optimizer, but populate your programmatic pages with your own unique data. You're checking all of Google's boxes.

Feel free to reach out to us when you're ready to scale your SEO pages the right way.

Do programmatic SEO the right way with AI

We help you marry unique data with programmatic pages so that you do programmatic SEO the right way

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