Automatically add relevant internal linking suggestions

Manually tracking internal links across hundreds of pages in a spreadsheet is a time-sink.  Link blogs to semantically relevant content and landing pages across your site in one click.

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Internal links built into the editor

Find relevant internal links while writing

Discover internal linking opportunities in the moment while writing. We let you know when you use a term that you already have a target page for.

Internal links across the site

Bulk update old pages with internal links to newly published pages

Search for internal link suggestions across all pages, insert, and publish them live to your site in bulk, whether it be on Webflow, WordPress, HubSpot, Contentful, or a custom CMS. No more tedious tracking links in spreadsheets.

Hyperlink specific keywords

Bulk find and replace lets you link specific keywords

Want every instance of a specific term to link to a page? With Letterdrop, you can search across all your content and link all instances of a term to a specific page and then publish directly to your CMS on Webflow, WordPress, etc.

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Scribe grew search traffic to 70k/mo and paid signups by 11x by publishing 800 articles in 12 months while managing dozens of writers

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Explo grew site traffic 18x in 6 months and ranks for their industry's most competitive keywords using Letterdrop

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Ready to drive 30% more traffic?

Good internal linking can drive more traffic to the right pages. Large sites with vs without internal linking can see up to a 30% difference in traffic. Marketers don't do it because it's tedious. We make it easy.


How accurate is internal linking with Letterdrop?

Internal linking suggestions in Letterdrop are most accurate when you are using it in conjunction with the Letterdrop SEO optimizer or project management flows. Once we know the target keyword for a page, we can make pretty accurate recommendations.

In addition to exact matches, we use AI to handle semantically similar keywords. For example, understanding that both "bookkeeping vs accounting" or "accountants and bookkeepers" might link to a page on the difference between the two.

Do I need to import my pages for internal linking recommendations?

Yes. Letterdrop can automatically import your pages from Webflow or WordPress. If you're on a headless CMS like Contentful, Strapi, etc. with an API, we can import pages. If none of the above apply, we can always attempt to scrape pages from your site.

Do I need to integrate with anything for internal linking recommendations?

Nope, though connecting with Google Search Console helps us discover more internal linking opportunities.