Repurpose webinars and podcasts to blog and social posts

Some of the best insights are in your video and audio content. But it's hard for your customers to find. Use AI to automatically turn webinars and podcasts into blog posts for SEO and social media posts that your customers can discover.

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Blog posts from video in minutes

As simple as copy & paste

Upload any mp3 or mp4 file. Or paste in a link to a YouTube, Loom, or Vimeo video. AI listens, creates a transcript, and then turns it into a first draft of a blog post for you. You can provide instructions on what you want the output to look like.

Notes for SME interviews

Turn subject matter interviews into a first draft in minutes

The best content marketers go straight to the source and interview subject matter experts. But recording these, rewatching them, and turning them into content is a lot of work.

Just upload your Zoom or Loom recording into Letterdrop to turn it into a first draft.

Repeat with templates

Use templates for every type of content

A podcast and a webinar have very different types of content and structure. Save and reuse templates of instructions for each content type. Introduce the speakers in a podcast. Extract the pain points for your case studies.

Ready to save dozens of hours on content repurposing?

Your webinars and podcasts are great sources of insights that your customers would love, but they're not discoverable. Push them out as blog posts, social media posts, and newsletters in minutes.


Can't I just do this with ChatGPT?

If you have a text transcript and can fit it within the ChatGPT limits, go for it.

Letterdrop listens and extracts the transcript from any video or audio, splits up and processes long transcripts, and lets you reuse instructions saved as templates. And don't forget — you still have to take care of marketing operations to get this content approved and live on your site and social channels.