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Stop losing deals you could win with better education

Rolling your eyes at sales enablement? Every company can do a better job at educating buyers and telling their story but sales reps don't have the right assets. An expensive Google Drive isn't the solution

Not another fancy Google Drive

Yes, there are sales enablement platforms that are essentially fancy repos to collect assets. We don't want to add to that mess.

You don't actually know what's confusing customers

Most sales leaders have a gut instinct on what's stopping buyers but don't have data and quotes from real customers prioritized by revenue impact

Sellers don't know how to answer questions

Even if you create a hundred great assets, it's useless unless the buyer sees it. But your sellers don't know what content you have to even search for it

Know exactly what is blocking revenue

Let your customers tell you why you win or lose deals

Pull insights from across sales calls merged with your CRM data to identify what's stopping sales.

Ask any question and get back answers backed by customer quotes and revenue impact of each. "Top objections from Closed/Lost deals last month" or "What's total revenue potenital for customers interested feature X?"

Win deals faster with better customer education

AI suggests the right asset for the right customer

Your sales team is answering buyer questions off the cuff. That doesn't inspire trust

They don’t know what assets you have or where to find it. A fancy Google Drive or platform isn't going to solve it.

Letterdrop listens for questions prospects ask and suggests relevant assets in near real-time.

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Pecan AI gets insights from 100's of hours of calls, instantly

Since onboarding Letterdrop, Pecan AI has drastically improved efficiency  across their sales team.

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Hours saved

Pecan AI gathers insights in 30mins rather than 100's of hours


Lean team

Pecan AI handles all sales enablement for AEs, SDRs, and the CS team with just one person.

Ready to automate sales enablement?

Letterdrop keeps sales team aligned on the content needed to close more deals, faster.