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Maximize content distribution and see +315% increase in clicks and impressions. Turn your sales and exec team into social sellers. No more begging for engagement.

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Maximize distribution to prospects through your team’s network

Your team is connected with prospects. But you’re not leveraging their network to distribute content. Boost any LinkedIn post with one click — whether from your company account, CEO, partner, or customer.

Connect your team's LinkedIn once and watch likes and comments pour in from your team on company content.

Ghostwrite for your team

Social selling is a great way to get more leads. But your Sales and exec teams are busy. Create content for them with AI in their tone and voice. Schedule, get it approved, and publish.

Request comments and shares

Want your team's authentic takes? Request comments and shares from your team. Write them a draft. We'll ping them on Slack or email and let AI riff on it to give them something to quickly edit and post.

Before and after Letterdrop

Letterdrop turned my team into social sellers. We now have 2x engagement and 3x reach on LinkedIn that translates to pipeline.

Jordan Tennenbaum

Social Media Manager



Census saves 12 hrs/week creating SEO optimized content on Webflow and maximizing distribution on LinkedIn

Allie Beazell

Director of Marketing



Scribe grew search traffic to 70k/mo and paid signups by 11x by publishing 800 articles in 12 months while managing dozens of writers

Lauren Funaro

Head of Content




Employee Advocacy
Create content
Create content and publish to your site.
Send to social media
Send it to the social media team to distribute. Takes days to happen if at all.
Beg Sales
Beg Sales to engage with it on Slack or email. They're busy. Doesn't happen.
Content never gets seen
Content never gets seen. Drives no leads. Company reduces marketing budget due to lack of results.

With Letterdrop's

Employee Advocacy
Create content
Create content and publish to your site.
AI generated social post draft for you
A social post draft is Al generated for you in the right tone and voice of each Linkedin account you're sharing to. A tracking link to the content is inserted. The content is scheduled to company and employee LinkedIn accounts automatically.
Team engagement
Your Sales and exec team automatically likes and comments on it. You don't badger them.
Their connections see content
Their connections (prospects) see your content in their feed and engage with it. Expect a 4-5% CTR.
Re-engage prospects
Some of them were in a sales cycle and this was the touch point needed to get them to re-engage. New prospects discover you for the first time.
Boom! You just blew through your quarter's goals.
Starting at
Manage 10 sellers/exec accounts
Easily repurpose and create thought leadership content from blogs, videos, or loose thoughts in their tone and voice
Automate or request likes, comments, reposts
Boost any customer or prospect post or comment
Auto-likes on company page
Slack and email integration
Collect engaged LinkedIn accounts for prospecting
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LinkedIn is a goldmine of customers for B2B companies, but most marketers fail to use it to its full potential. Thought leadership, social selling, and employee advocacy take time. We make it easy.