Generate thousands of SEO pages with AI for free

A Free Tool for Programmatic SEO that uses AI. Upload a CSV with keywords and proprietary data. Get thousands of pages minutes later in your inbox. Use your own OpenAI key.

How do I use the Programmatic SEO tool?

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Letterdrop turned my team into social sellers. We now have 2x engagement and 3x reach on LinkedIn that translates to pipeline.

Jordan Tennenbaum

Social Media Manager



Census saves 12 hrs/week creating SEO optimized content on Webflow and maximizing distribution on LinkedIn

Allie Beazell

Director of Marketing



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Drive more traffic with SEO — both programmatic and content

Programmatic SEO is great if your business has the data to leverage it. For most companies, content SEO is the default to educate your customers and capture demand. We make both easy.


What should I use programmatic SEO and AI for?

If you want to generate thousands full-fledged articles, you technically can, but I'd advise against it. Instead, this tool is good for generating definitions for glossary terms or short paragraphs around a specific data point or keyword.

What does the output look like?

We'll email you a CSV with the final output in Markdown. If you want to natively upload pages to your CMS, consider signing up for our paid headless CMS that comes with a full SEO suite.

How do I get an OpenAI API Key?

If you have already have an OpenAI API Key, you can find it here.

If not, here are instructions and a video below on how to create one. While Letterdrop will pull all your data together and generate pages for you for free, you will have to pay OpenAI for the AI models.

What can I do if I upgrade to a paid Letterdrop account?

1. You can add more than one data fields.
2. You can generate articles using our SEO optimizer so that the AI doesn't make up stuff.
3. You can publish directly to your CMS in Webflow, WordPress, Contentful, etc.