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Case Study
min read
November 2, 2023

Fair Square Medicare Increased Traffic 10x Over 2 Months With Letterdrop

Parthi Loganathan
CEO of Letterdrop, former Product Manager on Google Search

About Fair Square Medicare

Fair Square Medicare provides digital, full-service, personalized Medicare assistance to seniors. They advise and match clients with the right plan, confirm their enrollment, and re-shop their coverage every year.

Company Size: 35

Funding: Series A

Founded: 2019

Website: fairsquaremedicare.com

Industry: Health Insurance / Health Care / Medicare Brokerage

Fair Square Medicare Home Page

What Were the Challenges Fair Square Faced Before Letterdrop?

In the early days of Fair Square, CEO Dan Petkevich and Head of Growth Tej Seelamsetty juggled many responsibilities while trying to create content.

They had figured out how to acquire customers repeatedly via direct mail and were growing rapidly. There was a desire to invest in digital marketing channels, with content being a big component. But they didn't have time to focus on consistent, high-quality articles.

And the Medicare brokerage space is a competitive one. Fair Square is up against very high search volume keywords. Their content wasn't SEO optimized and they weren't publishing enough to stand out on the SERP.

Our goal was to surpass competitors on the quality aspect of content. We wanted to push out well-researched, well-thought-out articles that our potential clients actually wanted to read. — Ford Carslile, Content Lead at Fair Square

How Did Letterdrop Help Fair Square?

Fair Square signed with Letterdrop in early 2022. Since then:

  • Fair Square increased their web traffic 10x over 2 months using Letterdrop's Keyword Research tool and AI for quick turnaround. Their monthly organic traffic sits at around 5k today.
  • The marketing team has a more targeted approach to SEO, especially with Letterdrop's internal linking feature.
  • The team distributes socials directly from the publishing page, which saves time.
  • Collecting ideas from their agents is faster using the Letterdrop Ideas feature.
  • Distributing their newsletter and tracking its performance with the stats tab is easy.

Most of Fair Square's traffic comes from content pages

What's The Business Impact of Using Letterdrop?

With Letterdrop, the company experienced a qualitative win through increased traffic.

This helps position the company better in terms of domain authority.

If we can get more clicks and Google starts to recognize us as a valuable source of information, that'll help rank those high-value articles for people searching for best Medicare advantage plans." — Ford Carslile

FSM agents also use their content to advise seniors on their Medicare plans.

Advice from Fair Square's Content Lead for Companies Investing in SEO

Ford emphasized how much time Letterdrop frees up for smaller companies and how much the tool allows them to scale quickly.

Letterdrop helps when you're going from a very early stage where you are just trying to get something onto the page to having a library of good-quality content. I would recommend Letterdrop for someone wanting to go from zero to one. —Ford Carslile

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