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Content Operations
min read
November 2, 2023

How to Publish to Your Webflow/Wordpress via Letterdrop

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop

We talk to hundreds of content teams who use go-to site builders like Webflow and WordPress. A lot of them are confused about how Letterdrop fits into the picture in terms of publishing. Here are some common questions that we receive:

  1. I already have Webflow and we copy/paste in there from Google Docs? How is this different?
  2. Will it publish the content live to my site on WordPress? Or can I just get it to create a draft and then I can go into WordPress and publish?
  3. Does it work with Elementor or Divi in WordPress?
  4. Does it work with HubSpot?

I wanted to clarify this confusion by showing how Letterdrop functions like a headless CMS and how the platform fits into your workflow to help streamline your content ops.

Letterdrop Is a Headless CMS

There's no need to copy-paste the text you write in Letterdrop over into your site's CMS. Letterdrop acts as a headless CMS that directly integrates with Webflow, WordPress, HubSpot and any custom CMS to push content to your site. You can set up custom fields and map those over to your site's frontend, no problem.

Letterdrop is actually a complete content marketing suite that takes you from idea to publish across your site and social media. It saves you the trouble of a million open tabs and having to copy-paste across all of them.

Here's a diagram showing how it works.

Letterdrop acts like a headless CMS

📢 Did You Know?: Letterdrop is the most advanced Webflow CMS integration on the market, supporting custom fields and error handling.

Write in the Letterdrop Editor, Which Writes For Your Site

You don't have to write in the Webflow or WordPress editor if you have Letterdrop. Letterdrop writes for your site, and there's no need to jump between the two.

  • If you want to create a blog post, you can do so in Letterdrop. From there, it will go directly to your custom site
  • If you have an existing post on Webflow or WordPress that you want to edit, you can do so in Letterdrop — they're connected

And the editor itself is super marketer-friendly.

It's easy to collaborate with your team in real-time through comments, chat, and live editing, just like Google Docs. You can leave Loom videos for asynchronous collaboration, too.

The Letterdrop editor

When You Publish Using Letterdrop, Here's How it Works

You can send your content directly to your custom site from the publishing page. In this example, you can see we're connected to Webflow and HubSpot.

You publish directly to your custom site in Letterdrop
You publish directly to your custom site

There's also a social page so you can publish to any of your social accounts.

Posting directly to socials in Letterdrop
Posting directly to socials in Letterdrop

Letterdrop: Seamless Publishing to Any Site

So there you have it — Letterdrop pushes content directly to your site, making publishing (and everything both before and after) a seamless operation.

We help hundreds of content marketers like you to streamline your content ops end-to-end, leaving your team to focus on strategy and creativity rather than mundane and technical tasks. If you're interested in putting your marketing ops in capable hands, feel free to reach out to us.

Ready to cut friction end-to-end?

Census saves 12 hours a week on content ops with Letterdrop. That could be you.

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