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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just use Google Sheets, Asana, Airtable, or Notion for my content calendar?

When you need to manage planning more than 5-10 pieces of content per month, are working with multiple stakeholders like writers and execs, you need something that keeps your content operation humming.

We recommend you start with that when it's just you. But just like a sales team that eventually needs a CRM, any serious content operation will need to get organized and off the shelf tools will start failing.

1. Letterdrop is purpose-built for content ops, so you don't have to figure out the right flow in a spreadsheet or general purpose project management tool.
2. It's deeply integrated into the publishing flow so when a writer something for approval, emails and Slack messages are sent, the card is automatically updated on the board, and you're on your merry way.
3. You can debug delays by tracking the history of status of projects.

Say goodbye to shadow databases with stale data so that you can focus on strategic initiatives, not content operations.

Is the Letterdrop content calendar customizable?

Yes. Letterdrop lets you create:
1. custom templates for ideas and briefs
2. custom stages for your content workflow, whether that be 3 stages or 16 like Tracy Wallace from Klaviyo
3. custom time between stages that account for weekends so that deadlines are automatically set


The best marketing decision you'll make

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“We 18x'ed traffic in 6 months”

We weren't consistent with content before. Letterdrop helps us with content strategy, creation, and delivery. The automation frees up our time to focus on the important parts of the business. The SEO tooling gives us peace of mind knowing that we're following best practices. The project management workflow gives us a clear view of everything that's going on.

All our metrics are up across the board - clicks, impressions, traffic. Letterdrop has been a true partner.

Tyler Suss
Head of Marketing, Explo
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“We've published 18 articles in two months with four writers, all stress-free”

Content is important to our strategy but executing on it is hard. Letterdrop centralizes everything. It helps me collect ideas, manage freelancers, plan my content calendar, and distribute content to our Webflow blog and social channels. The team is also incredibly responsive. I'm excited to scale our content operation on Letterdrop!

Lindy Singer
Head of Marketing, Nautical Commerce

“Our organic search traffic has grown 5x in six months and we’ve started attributing customers to content”

SEO is a no-brainer for us but we kept punting because content takes effort. Letterdrop makes us consistent and bakes in SEO best practices. We’re now ranking for important keywords and have decided to double our content volume as we make content our top priority in 2023.

Tej Seelamsetty
Head of Growth, Fair Square Medicare

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