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How to Make It Easy for Your Team to Suggest Content Ideas via Slack and Email with Letterdrop

At Vi-Tech, we understand the value of our execs, PMs, and GTM team as sources of content ideas. They're constantly engaged with customers and have unique industry expertise that can translate into content that resonates.

Getting ideas from the team manually became an uphill battle, though.

  • Everyone was busy, so they didn't always have time to populate the "Team Ideas" spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet itself quickly became overwhelming to manage as we scaled. Managing permissions also became tedious

Begging the team to add ideas, adding ideas, managing the master idea spreadsheet, and prioritizing these ideas started to cost us an additional two hours of work a week.

In this playbook, we'll demonstrate how we cut this process down to five minutes using Letterdrop. With it, we can:

  • Gather content from the team via Slack and Email with one click
  • Manage, prioritize and collaborate on these ideas in a dedicated idea backlog
  • Easily assign projects to writers and freelancers from a native content calendar

How it Works

  1. Connect Letterdrop to Slack
  2. Type '/idea' in Slack to add an idea
  3. Get the email address for the Letterdrop idea bot and send an idea
  4. Prioritize ideas by upvoting and commenting on suggestions within the backlog
  5. Assign the project to writers using the content calendar

The Playbook

Step 1: Connect Letterdrop to Slack

After you've logged in to Letterdrop:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations

2. Navigate to Internal > Slack > Connect

3. Configure your preferences and click "Allow"

Step 2: Type '/idea' in Slack to Add an Idea

Type '/idea [Your idea] into any Slack channel to activate the command.

Step 3: Get the Email Address for the Letterdrop Idea Bot and Send Your Idea

  1. Navigate to Planning
  2. Navigate to Idea Generator
  3. Click the "Let teammates email ideas" box

4. Copy the email address (and pass on to the team as necessary)

5. Send an idea to the address

Step 4: Prioritize Ideas by Upvoting and Commenting on Suggestions in the Backlog

  1. Navigate to Planning > Ideas to access the Idea Backlog

2. You can upvote ideas and collaborate in the comments to organize and prioritize ideas

Step 5: Assign Projects to Writers Using the Content Calendar‎

  1. Click "Assign" on the idea you want to assign

2. Pick a date

3. Add writers and deadlines

The Results

  • We cut down on ideation time, going from two additional hours a week to five minutes a sitting
  • Within three months of onboarding Letterdrop and using their ideation tooling to push out content, our qualified traffic went up 8%