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How to Build Internal Links Across Your Site with Letterdrop

Building internal links is integral to the SEO health of any site. But keeping track of them with a master spreadsheet demands a lot of upkeep, and becomes almost impossible as you scale.

This happened to us over at Cypher. After onboarding Letterdrop, we're now able to:

  • Automatically insert relevant internal links on page based on semantic suggestions
  • Publish internal linking suggestions in bulk across our site (we use Webflow)
  • Automatically "find and replace" links across our pages using relevant keywords and phrases

How it Works

  1. Connect your site to Letterdrop
  2. While in the editor, accept internal linking suggestions
  3. Publish linking suggestions across your site from the Internal Links dashboard
  4. Use "Find and Replace" to help you replace any link with a new one

The Playbook

Step 1: Connect Your Site to Letterdrop

For this example, I'll show you how to connect Letterdrop to Webflow. The process works in pretty much the same way for all sites.

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations

Navigate to integrations in Letterdrop

2. Scroll down to Blog Hosting and click "Connect" on the Webflow option

Connect to Webflow in Letterdrop

3. You will be redirected to sign in to Webflow. Then, select the collections you want to connect and click "Authorize App"

Connecting to Webflow in Letterdrop

Step 2: Accept Internal Linking Suggestions in the Editor

While writing in the Letterdrop editor:

1. Navigate to SEO Optimization, enter your keyword, and click analyze

Analyzing your keyword in Letterdrop

2. Scroll down to Internal Links. Accept the suggestion to add the link to your text automatically

Insert an internal link in the editor in Letterdrop

Step 3: Publishing Linking Suggestions in Bulk

1. Navigate to Blog > Internal Links

Navigate to internal links in Letterdrop

2. Accept suggestions to auto-add and publish them

Publishing internal links in bulk Letterdrop

Step 4: Use Find and Replace to Replace Links

1. Navigate to Blog > Find and Replace

Find and replace in Letterdrop

2. Enter your target search term. Follow the given link to quickly replace it

Find and replace in action in Letterdrop

The Results

  • At Cypher we down internal linking management from three hours a week to twenty minutes
  • Cypher increased qualified traffic by 6% in three months