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How to Identify Specific Pages to Refresh for SEO with Letterdrop

One-person content teams like mine here at Letterdrop lose days at a time combing through Google Analytics and Google Search Console, trying to figure out which pages were underperforming, why they were underperforming, and how to fix them.

This is completely unsustainable.

Luckily for me, with Letterdrop itself (which features a native integration with both platforms), I spend a maximum of forty minutes a week on identifying content refresh opportunities. The tool tells me how to fix the issues it finds.

Here's a playbook on how you can do the same.

How it Works

  1. Connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to Letterdrop
  2. Access the "Pages to Refresh" dashboard in Letterdrop
    1. Find pages that are almost ranking
    2. Find pages with decaying traffic
    3. Find pages ranking for disparate keywords
    4. Find pages cannibalizing each other
    5. Find pages that need improved distribution
    6. Find opportunities to rank for People Also Ask boxes

The Playbook

1. Connect Your Google Search Console and Google Analytics Accounts to Letterdrop

Letterdrop makes it easy to get started. After logging in:

1. Navigate from the Letterdrop dashboard → Settings → Integrations

Navigate to integrations Letterdrop

2. Scroll down to "Internal" and find the Google Analytics and Google Search Console integrations. Connect your Google account to both and follow the prompts

Google integrations Letterdrop

2. Access the "Pages to Refresh" Dashboard

From the Letterdrop dashboard, navigate to Blog → Pages to Refresh

Navigate to pages to refresh Letterdrop

This is what the refresh dashboard looks like.

Pages to refresh Letterdrop

2.1 Pages that Are Almost Ranking

This tab shows you what keyword the page is ranking for and its current position.

These pages need improvements to on-page SEO to get ranking — we use the Letterdrop SEO assistant.

Pages almost ranking Letterdrop

2.2 Pages with Decaying Traffic

This tab shows you:

  • what the page traffic was three months ago
  • this month's traffic
  • the % decrease

Decaying pages shown in Letterdrop

2.3 Pages Ranking for Disparate Keywords

This tab shows you all the disparate keywords a page is ranking for. Letterdrop recommends that you split the pages.

Finding pages that need to be split Letterdrop

2.4 Pages Cannibalizing Each Other

This tab shows how your pages compete for the same keyword, and the tool recommends making the pages more distinct or combining them.

Showing pages cannabalizing each other Letterdrop

2.5 Pages that Need Improved Distribution

These are high-engagement pages that need more distribution. The tool recommends adding links and redistributing these pages to socials.

pages need improved distribution

2.6 Opportunities to Rank for People Also Ask Boxes

The tool helps you rank for People Also Ask boxes on the SERP with this tab.

The Results

  • I cut down on content refresh monitoring efforts from two days to 40 minutes
  • Our average SEO ranking positions across the board went from 54 to 50 in less than a month