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How to Add Expert Quotes with Letterdrop

Interviewing subject matter experts is an excellent way to get unique and high-value content for Google and all your supporting channels.

But getting clippable quotes and repurposing them can be hugely time consuming, if you go the manual route. A lot of SMEs don't want to sit through full-length interviews, either.

We use Letterdrop to automatically request and generate subject matter expert quotes directly into our blogs, complete with captions and a push to YouTube.

Here's how we do it.

How it Works

  1. Request an expert quote via the Letterdrop editor
  2. Wait for a response
  3. Receive a response complete with captions
  4. Push the pre-prepared video to YouTube
  5. Copy the link to embed it into your blog
  6. Optional: repurpose into written content automatically

The Playbook

Step 1: Request a Quote

Type "/" in the Letterdrop editor to pull up a menu — choose "Add Subject Matter Quote."

Add the SME's email address and write out a question.

Request a quote from an SME in Letterdrop

They will receive an email prompt to record a quick Loom video.

Step 2: Edit the YouTube Metadata and Publish

You'll get an email with your expert quote — follow the link.

You'll receive the quote complete with a relevant logo and captions.

From there, edit the YouTube metadata.

2.2 Connecting Your YouTube Channel

From the Letterdrop dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Navigate to Integrations
  3. Scroll down to YouTube and sign in with your Google Account

Step 3: Drop the Video Into Your Blog Post

There are two ways you can embed the video quote into your blog post:

  1. Copy the YouTube URL and paste it in the editor
  2. Download the video and upload it to the editor


Step 4: Optional — Repurpose Your Quote with Video-To-Text

When you drop a video into the editor, you'll be prompted to give instructions to the AI to turn the video into text.

This can be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, topic breakdowns, and more.

You can choose to do this or upload a template. We have another playbook on repurposing webinars and video with creative prompting in Letterdrop.


  • Higher response rates from experts as they only need to record short videos
  • No additional time spent on recording the interview
  • No additional time spent on adding captions and preparing video for publishing
  • One-click embed into your blog posts