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March 8, 2024

Jasper AI vs Letterdrop

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop


  • Letterdrop uses AI to automate content marketing tasks end-to-end, including idea collection, content calendar management, distribution automation, and on-page and site-wide SEO optimization.
  • Jasper AI focuses primarily on content creation and offers templates for blog posts, product descriptions, and social media captions.
  • While both tools have AI capabilities, Letterdrop provides a more holistic solution by automating various tasks and considering changing SEO trends.

If you're looking for an AI writing assistant, both Jasper AI and Letterdrop have probably entered your radar.

Both tools have truly standout AI writing capabilities, but you're probably wondering exactly how they compare and which one you should be using as a Content Marketer. We'll help clear things up by showing you exactly what each tool can do and comparing the two in terms of helping you get jobs done.

You're responsible for a lot of tasks, and it's important that you're using AI to streamline them while still putting your users first. The tool you're using should facilitate that.


Letterdrop Home
Letterdrop Home

Letterdrop was founded by ex-Googlers in 2021. It prides itself on being one of the first tools that helps companies write and do SEO the right way with AI.


The platform takes a very people-first approach in that its SEO tooling takes search intent, Google's search rater guidelines, and EEAT guidelines into account when both writing and making SEO improvements.

Letterdrop is a Smart End-to-End Content Marketing Tool

Letterdrop goes well beyond AI and brings all your content ops into one place. Its GPT engine helps you execute jobs to be done from beginning to end.

The Letterdrop AI Helps Collect Ideas

Without automation, teams usually lose about six hours a week on sourcing and tracking ideas manually. This includes using an idea spreadsheet, listening in on sales calls, recycling old content, and doing competitive research.

Letterdrop cuts all the friction and lets you:

  1. Automatically extract marketing insights and content ideas directly from sales calls with its Gong.io integration. You can get detailed and automated marketing insights from calls to understand what customer questions to answer.

Sourcing ideas is instant with the Letterdrop-Gong.io integration
Sourcing ideas is instant with the Letterdrop-Gong.io integration

2. Instantly add ideas to Letterdrop's idea dashboard in Slack by typing /. No more begging your team to fill in that hard-to-find spreadsheet.

3. Instantly see what your competitors are writing about and how they're ranking.
4. Instantly repost old top-performing social posts to save you from doing it by hand.

Recycle old top performing posts in seconds in Letterdrop
Recycle old top performing posts in seconds in Letterdrop

Letterdrop's Real-Time Content Calendar Keeps Everyone Organized

Content teams lose hours every week chasing after loose Docs, cross-managing everyone's deadlines, and dealing with a Slack Channel flooded with messages.

The Letterdrop calendar gives a high-level overview of everything that's scheduled to go out.

As your content moves, your calendar updates — and vice versa.

It also syncs with the project board in real-time. From there, you can manage:

  • Approvals
  • Deadlines
  • Briefs, outlines, and drafts
  • Collaborators, and more.

The Letterdrop content calendar
The Letterdrop content calendar syncs with all your content

Letterdrop Automates Distribution and Employee Advocacy

As you grow and scale, content distribution can become a little challenging — especially if you're doing it manually.

With Letterdrop, you can distribute directly to any site, custom CMS, and social channel from the publishing page, and you can also use AI to generate compelling first drafts for you to work from. It analyzes writing samples so that its output is as tone-specific as possible.

Letterdrop can draft socials according to your writing samples
Letterdrop can draft socials according to your writing samples

Letterdrop can also completely automate employee advocacy. It automates likes and comments from anyone in your team to reach the prospects in their network.

Imagine all the business you can drive if your execs and customer-facing employees were constantly posting.

Automate engagement from your team to amplify posts
Automate engagement on socials in Letterdrop

‎Letterdrop Automates On-Page and Site-Wide SEO

Letterdrop helps you keep your prospects' search intent top-of-mind and takes technical SEO off your hands. It's constantly adapting to the SEO landscape as it changes to make sure you keep ranking.

Its suite of SEO tooling can take care of:

  1. Semantic Content Analysis and Technical Fixes: Understands your content and compares it to top results, EEAT, and Google's Search Rater criteria. It determines search intent for you and suggests the best format for ranking. It runs your content through over 60 SEO rules and can auto-fix them.
  2. Content Gap Analysis: Provides insights on SERP topics, auto-generates relevant sections, and suggests topics to optimize for Information Gain.
  3. Automatic Site-Wide SEO Fixes and Checks: Letterdrop identifies and auto-adds internal linking opportunities across your site. It also offers real-time page refresh insights thanks to its Google Search Console integration.
  4. Automatic Internal Link Monitoring and Publishing. It can identify internal linking opportunities for you and automatically insert them into the content you're currently working on or publish them in bulk across your site.
  5. Up-to-Date Content Refresh Monitoring. It gives you a real-time overview of which pages need to be refreshed thanks to its integration with Google Search Console.

Here's a quick video showcasing all of these features.

Letterdrop's AI Can Help With Writing and Repurposing

We put a lot of emphasis on using AI in a thoughtful way to generate content as opposed to sticking to pure AI drivel. Anyone can use ChatGPT for that.

You need to be able to prompt the AI (and your writers) the right way. The Letterdrop tooling makes use of frameworks from some of the best content writers out there and democratizes it by bringing it to everybody.

People do the thinking, and the AI just helps you stitch everything together.

We also help you repurpose content, including:

  • generating a transcript from a video or podcast in the format of a blog
  • turning any link into a tone-specific social post

Here's how it looks in action.

Jasper AI

JasperAI Home
Jasper Home

Launched in 2021, Jasper is a popular AI writing assistant that helps users easily create original content based on simple inputs.

Jasper's brand voice feature helps users make sure that the created content aligns with the company's brand identity, tone, and style. You can also feed the AI context on your company, which helps it understand your brand and brand messaging better.

It also understands the nuances of writing for different marketing channels.

Jasper is an AI Writing Tool

It goes without saying that Jasper is best used as a writing assistant for both long and short-form content.

Jasper Can Create Blog Posts

One of the great things about Jasper is that there are plenty of templates to work from. You can use one of these to kickstart a blog post.

Guiding Jasper toward the output you want is easy:

  • You can give the AI context with a blog post description
  • You can give it your target keywords to incorporate them into the post

You can command Jasper to write individual sections of your post and pick your favorite of the output it generates.

Writing a blog post with Jasper
Writing a blog post with Jasper

‎Jasper Can Create Product Descriptions

There are also templates for product descriptions so you can relay the same message in different ways.

All you have to do is give Jasper the product name, description, desired tone of voice, and ICP. It will then generate a persuasive description that highlight the product's USPs.

Use Jasper for Product Descriptions
Creating product descriptions with Jasper

Jasper Can Write for Social Media

Once again, the templates come in very handy here — from Twitter to Facebook, Jasper is geared to write for any social channel.

After you've entered what content you're looking for and your preferred tone of voice, Jasper will generate social media captions for you. You can pick the one(s) you prefer.

Jasper has a ChatBot Feature

Much like ChatGPT, you have a way to chat with Jasper, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and more.

You can even paste specific outputs directly into your editor to add them to a blog post you're writing.

Jasper Has a Chrome Extension

Jasper's handy Chrome extension means you can use the AI on the go, whether drafting emails, writing for socials, and more.

It also gives you quick access to all of those helpful templates.

Jasper AI Chrome Extension
The Jasper Chrome extension

The Best AI Writing Solution Depends On Your Business Goals

So, both Letterdrop and Jasper can help you scale content with AI. But here's what you need to consider:

  • Tools like ChatGPT are free. If you're considering a paid tool, it needs to be giving you something unique.
  • AI is just a small tool in your arsenal. There are many jobs to be done in content marketing that drive impact — how do you take overly tedious or technical tasks off your plate, how do you prioritize the right content to work on, how do you distribute your content so it touches the most prospects, etc
  • Purely AI generated content isn't as helpful to users on its own. To get ranking, you need to think about search intent and how to fully SEO optimize your blog posts.

Yes, Letterdrop does offer AI writing, but the tool also helps you streamline all the jobs that need to be done, from ideation to publishing and upkeep. It also considers the changing SEO climate and topical optimization so that you can get ranking and driving real traffic.

If you want a narrow AI writing solution, Jasper might be a good fit for you. If you are thinking more holistically about how you will drive revenue through content for your business, there are many more jobs to be done that a tool like Letterdrop can take off your plate.

Invest in an AI Assistant That Helps You Do Your Job Better

Streamlining your content ops with automation is a no-brainer and is fast becoming the norm.

You get faster turnaround on content and save hours on tedious, manual tasks. That's why investing in a tool that can automate your entire workflow, not just one part of it, is important.

And with a tool like Letterdrop, you're using AI for content ops and SEO the right way: leveraging automation with input from people, for other people.

Ready to use AI in content the right way?

Marketing is changing with AI, and we're here to make sure you're following best practices while taking the mundane tasks off your hands.

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