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Product Announcement
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April 5, 2024

From Guesswork to Growth: Introducing Revenue Attribution

Paul Thomson

Picture this: Your team has meticulously crafted a content strategy, poured resources into creating SEO-optimized blog posts, and published a ton of content on LinkedIn.

Yet, when the time comes to tally up what's truly driving revenue, no one has a definitive answer.

CMOs and marketing VPs are asking the tough questions to justify headcount. Was this campaign profitable? Which piece of content actually sparked that big deal? Which blog post nudged that lead down the funnel?

Most marketing orgs today don’t have the luxury of creating content for content’s sake. Opaque content ROI is so 2023.

Inspired by our own struggles with this age-old marketing challenge, we created Revenue Attribution.

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Revenue

For too long now, there’s been a missing link between content creation and understanding the direct impact it has on revenue. Sure, you can tell directionally if your campaigns positively or negatively affected deals closed and signups, but there’s no way to move from signal to definitive proof.

It became clear that what was needed was not yet another analytics platform but a tool that could slice through the noise and highlight the content that truly moves the needle.

Our Revenue Attribution tool doesn't just track clicks; it connects content with sales calls and closed deals - it maps out the entire buyer journey down to the account level.

Now you can see exactly what content is driving the most revenue and double down on what’s working.

A Closer Look at Revenue Attribution

Let’s unpack the powerful new features of Letterdrop's Revenue Attribution tool and explore how they solve real-world marketing challenges:

Revenue Dashboard

The Revenue Dashboard instantly gives you a snapshot of how your content is affecting your pipeline. We collate data from your existing integrations in one clean, real-time view so your team doesn’t have to rely on scratching through spreadsheets and formulas to report on what’s actually important.

It’s built for marketing leaders seeking empirical evidence to support budget allocations and headcount.

Per Page Breakdown

‎Drill down into the per page breakdown, and you'll find the DNA of your content's performance. Go even further to see granular insights into how each piece of content is being engaged with and how it contributes to pipeline velocity and revenue generation.

Use Case: For content strategists and SEO specialists who need to understand which topics or formats yield the best ROI. Keyword research is so last year.

Traffic and Pipeline Influence Analysis

Our traffic and pipeline influence analysis helps you understand how your content is affecting pipeline movement. We do this by breaking content into three buckets:

  • Sourced (before an account enters your sales flow)
  • Accelerated (consumed during your sales flow)
  • Influenced (only deal closed-won accounts)

Use Case: Ideal for demand generation or growth teams looking to optimize their content distribution across channels, ensuring that every article, blog post, or white paper published is a step towards conversion.‎

Content Consumption Insights

‎We collate a breadcrumb trail of content engagement and sales call summaries at the individual account level from their first interaction right up to deal closed.

Use Case: Understand the specific topics and content types that captivate and convert, empowering you to focus more on the content driving prospects through the buyers journey. Also gives your sales team precious insights to go after new accounts.


‎We do all the heavy lifting by automatically tagging accounts based on the content they consume on your site. This allows you to segment and analyze your content in a thematic perspective.

Use Case: Find out at a glance which segment of your market is actually buying your product and which content is resonating most with that particular ICP.

Try It Yourself

For marketing leaders, understanding the real impact of your content just got a whole lot easier. Revenue Attribution brings you right to the point: showing how each article, blog post, or social post directly contributes to your revenue. It's about making informed choices, not guesses.

With Letterdrop, you see what works and what doesn’t. This isn’t about drowning in data or swimming in yet another marketing analytics tool. It’s about finding the clear, actionable insights you need to make smart decisions quickly.

Ready to give it a try?

Get in touch for a demo. Let’s make your content strategy as efficient (and profitable) as it should be.

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